Are You Following Your Heart And On The Right Path? Here’s The Secret To Living The Life You’re Meant To Live

There was a time in my life when—even though I thought I had everything I needed to be content—I sensed there was something missing.

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I had been married to my then-husband for 25 years at that point. I had a prestigious career in medicine. I raised four healthy children who were blossoming into adulthood. I had vacation homes, jewelry, expensive cars…

But I still felt a stirring in my soul that I was meant for more. I was meant to do more with my life, to be more. I was meant to be in a different love relationship, because I was frustrated by my husband’s inability to be flexible and open to new ideas. I felt stifled by my own limitations within my marriage.

These stirrings would come to me in quiet moments and odd times.

It turned out that what I was missing was my life path of being a spiritual healer and coach.

Before I had that realization, I spent a lot of years pretending to be something I wasn’t. Many things about my life were not in alignment with my true self.

I pretended to care about the picture of financial success I projected out into the world, but in reality, what I really cared about was helping people raise their energetic vibrations to help them find true love and true happiness.

I had ALWAYS known this, because I had been ordained as a Spiritualist Minister before I became a nurse or got married, but somehow, I had forgotten about that important part of myself.

Literally, my mind just shut that part of my life out.

My heart wouldn’t let me forget, however. That’s why I kept having this sense that something was missing all those years.

It wasn’t until I got divorced, quit my nursing job and started my life anew as a spiritual coach that I finally felt that my life was truly my own, and I found peace.

My Spiritual Journey to Self Love

Is there something missing in your life, too? What have you forgotten about yourself?

The Key To Knowing If You’re On The Right Path In Any Area Of Your Life

Are you on the right path in your relationships, career or love?

Are you friends with the kind of people who lift you up or are an energy suck? Does your romantic partner or spouse stand in the way of your happiness or contribute to it?

Does the work you do in the world feel like it’s using your best gifts for the highest purpose, or is it something that just pays the bills and keeps a roof over your head?

And what about your health? Are you eating and exercising the way your body requires? Are you treating yourself as well as you can?

The key to knowing if you’re on the right path in any area of life is to pay close attention to how you feel.

When you make it a habit to check in with yourself often, you’ll know immediately whether the things you are saying, doing, thinking or believing are working for you, or working against you.

For example:

When you say “yes” to a date with someone you met online, how does it feel?

When you ponder an email from a colleague proposing a new opportunity, what feelings come up?

When you attend an exercise class you haven’t done before, how does your body respond afterward?

Paying attention to the energy you feel in pivotal moments throughout your day can lead you to knowing if you’re on the right path in life and love.

Here’s how to do this…

What Dense And Light Energies Feel Like (They’re Like Night And Day)

If something is working and is in alignment with your true self, you will feel a light energy—a lightness of being.

And if it isn’t, you will feel a dense energy. You’ll actually feel a heavy weight, a contraction.

Light energy feels like excitement.

You can’t wait to see that person again.

You’re revved up and have a spring in your step.

You wake up in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and can’t wait to start your day.

You imagine all the possibilities and you are optimistic. You feel free.

Dark energy feels sticky and sluggish.

You spent time with a friend and find yourself re-visiting your conversation in your head and wondering what felt “off.”

You feel disconnected from your lover.

You often get sleepy and distracted at work.

You’re trapped and can’t see a way out of your life.

You just want to lay on the couch and binge-watch Netflix. Eat ice cream. Take a nap.

If you have a lot of dark energy in your life, it’s a sign that maybe you’re not on the right path. If that’s the case, the best way forward is to break free of the habitual patterns of thought and behavior in order to make space for something new.

The minute you decide to do something different, you will set into motion a change re-action and a HeartShift.

Creating The Space For Something New—And Creating A Different Experience

A HeartShift is a change of heart, a recalibration in the energy frequency of your heart energy which creates your perspectives and then shifts your thoughts and choices.

A HeartShift starts with a desire to experience something different from what you’ve experienced so far, and then creates the space for that something new to enter your life.

That “something new” could be your Soul Mate, a new opportunity, a new place to live, or a new career path.

The reason I had been stuck in a less-than-authentic life for so many years was because I had never really checked in to see how I felt about my life.

I was being held by the fearful aspects of my ego.

Fear was telling me that I needed to shrink into what others expected of me, because that was the only way I would be loved and accepted.

Fear was telling me that there wasn’t a practical way to do anything different with my life. There was no time, not enough support, and a plethora of other excuses I made for myself that felt valid at the time.

Getting in touch with how I felt—really felt—was a breakthrough for me and my first step into Self Love.

Starting on the journey to Self Love allowed me to create a life for myself that was the full expression of my truth and the greatest use of my gifts.

Self Love allowed me to see what was working and what wasn’t, and have the courage to step into a whole new life, regardless of what anyone else thought.

Today, I no longer hear that voice telling me that there’s something missing, that there’s more I need to be. I have found my purpose and direction. I made a HeartShift toward my Truth.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was so worth it.

Live The Life You’re Meant to Live

The 7 Steps To Finding Your Soul Mate And Living Your Life Purpose

It took some trial and error and working with thousands of clients to fine-tune the process that enabled me to help clients develop self-awareness and ultimately, Self Love.

Self Love is the ONE THING that can change EVERYTHING about your life.

With Self Love, you know who you are and what it takes to make you joyful and alive. You are able to set healthy boundaries and you don’t tolerate relationships or situations that are toxic or that aren’t contributing to your wellbeing.

Self Love allows you to be everything you were meant to be, without shrinking or constricting yourself because of your ego’s fear and need to fit in.

You may be asking, “How does one develop Self Love?”

In my Program, Self Love For True Love, I take you through a deeply introspective process of first, examining what it is you feel and want, and next, letting go of all the habits, beliefs and actions that no longer serve you on your journey to Self Love.

Through gentle inquiry and written exercises, you’ll learn the 7-step process toward Self Love.

You’ll discover what beliefs are getting in the way of having the love and life you deserve.

You’ll learn about “Letting Go Energy” and how it can send a message to the universal creative life force that you’re ready for something more and something different.

Get ready to experience thrilling surprises as new people and new situations manifest into your life when you fully embrace the letting-go-energy that I explain in Chapter 5 of Self Love For True Love.

You’ll also learn how to raise your vibrational energy so that you can attract more of the same high energy to yourself—people who will appreciate and accept you and will want only the best for you.

In this way, you’ll find true love at last, whether that means your Soul Mate, or a new venture, or your relationship with yourself.

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Marcy Neumann

P.S. Here’s what one of my clients said about her ability to create and navigate her life after working with me:

“Marcy came into my life at the exact moment that I needed her. I was on a healing journey, and she helped me not only get to where I wanted to be, but also reach far beyond my imagination…The most important and valuable lesson I learned from her was how to love myself and how to open myself up to love. Through our work together she helped me deepen my spiritual practice, my connection to myself, and my connection to everything around me… She helped me re-discover myself and my purpose. Her work is invaluable to my life’s journey. I am eternally grateful to her.”

Find Your Way To Self Love

Become The Best You Possible And Live Your Best Life

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  • Know what’s in your heart… and follow it
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