Feel Doomed To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Never Getting The Love You Want? It’s Time To Challenge—And Change—All That

Do you often feel like you sit on the sidelines in life, watching everyone get love but you?

Your friends are all happily coupled to devoted partners, while you’re still swiping left and right and going on endless coffee dates.

You wonder why your nieces and nephews are grateful and cooperative, while your own children are often out of control or defiant.

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You watch your co-workers get promotions, your neighbors bring home new cars, your siblings loving their lives. You want to celebrate their happiness and good fortune, but a part of you feels so heavy and sad.

You believe you’re a good person. You’re a loyal friend, dedicated in relationships, and you work hard. But it seems all you experience are setbacks, disappointments, and broken dreams.

You feel you’ve given a whole lot, but you haven’t received much in return.

And you never, ever feel like what you do is enough.

Is there something wrong with you?

Are some people simply destined to have lackluster results in life?

In a way, perhaps, yes.

Because the fact of the matter is, the more you complain, the more you’ll find things to complain about. Or, another way to put it:

Why The Less You Expect, The Less You’ll Receive

In order to understand why someone who gives so much can get so little in return, we need to understand how The Law of Attraction works.

Everything in the universe—including emotions—is energy.

There is positive energy, and there is negative energy. Positive energy vibrates at a high frequency, and negative energy vibrates at a low frequency.

Defeat and the feeling of lack are made up of negative energy. If you’ve come to feel defeated in life—as if you’re doomed to get less than you give—then you will show up in life as negative energy.

No matter how much you give, the negative energy you’re creating from expecting less essentially cancels out your positive energy. You’ll be projecting a heavy, negative, low energy in the world.

So, for instance, if you become health conscious and get really strict with your diet, but you’re doing it because you just found out your sister has cancer and you’re afraid of getting sick yourself—then it’s the negative energy of fear that will be predominant for you. Instead of feeling happy and healthy (positive energy), you will still experience fear and doubt (negative energy).

Now here’s where it gets really interesting:

Energy Is Always Seeking More Of Itself (And Is Reflected In Your Experience)

Here’s where the law of giving and receiving comes into full force, pun intended: energy is always seeking out energy just like itself.

That’s why happy people are drawn to other happy people, and why misery loves company (its own).

If you want to sit around and complain about, say, how frustrating dating can be, you will likely wind up chatting with friends who are also radiating the same low frequency that comes from complaining.

And since energy is always seeking itself out, the negative energy you put out by complaining would bring you more of the same experiences.

Now, if you were to get together with friends and fill each other in on what’s going great in your lives (even if, say, you don’t yet have the partner or the career you want), then the positive energy you’re projecting would cause more positive experiences to enter your life—Including a happy relationship.

The universe is always willing and ready to give you whatever you want.

If what you want is positive (which it is) and you’re not getting it, then it means that you’re not projecting the positive energy of “I deserve more” in the first place. And this is because, deep down, you don’t think you can expect more from life.

Why would this be?

Why wouldn’t you think you can expect more?

Because you don’t feel worthy of more.

Luckily, there’s an antidote to the low energy you’re putting out into the world and getting back. And the answer is LOVE.

Love Is Energy Vibrating At High Frequency, And It Responds To Energetic Law

As I said above, negative emotions vibrate at low frequencies. Love, on the other hand, vibrates at a high frequency. When you are full of self love, you vibrate at a high frequency, as well.

Therefore, if you are vibrating at a high frequency of love, then you are automatically attracting that same frequency of love back to you.

The equation for the universal law of energy is really very simple:

If you want a man who is devoted to you, you must become more devoted to yourself first.

If you want your children to stop taking you for granted, you must start appreciating yourself more.

If you want your employers to recognize your worth, you must nurture your own creativity.

Your authentic self longs to feel devotion, appreciation, and acknowledgement coming first and foremost…from you!

That’s right. Even though it may seem like you’d be happier and more fulfilled if those around you recognized your worth and gave you more love, what you’re really seeking is to bring these gifts to yourself.

Because only then will you feel completely full from the inside rather than coming from a place of lack where you have to get something from outside you to feel good.

And only then will you be overflowing with the POSITIVE energy life can mirror right back to you.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Love First And See What Happens

How has your approach for feeling loved worked so far?

Have you received the validation and appreciation you’ve longed for?

Do you feel truly worthy to have all the love and abundance your heart desires?

If the answer is “not at all” or “not much,” I urge you to join me for an experiment: I invite you to try my program Self Love For True Love.

In this program, I’ll guide you through 7 specific steps for finding self love and raising your vibration so that love and appreciation naturally flow to you.

You’ll realize what has been keeping you from truly loving yourself and filling yourself up with love, and you’ll learn to use the Law of Attraction to get more of what you want—rather than attracting the same old patterns.

And because self love needs to become a habit for you to live in a constant flow of loving energy, I’ll teach you exercises, meditations, and affirmations that will make pure love a daily reality for you.

Think of it this way: you can always go back to trying to feel love the old way. But my bet is that you won’t want to:

Release Fear, Regret, And Self-Doubt

There is so much love in store for you, and it’s always been waiting for you. I can’t wait to help you claim it as your own.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. Self love is not about getting exercise or having enough sleep or eating right.

The direct path to self love is forgiveness. If there are parts of you or your past you don’t forgive, then you will never be fully happy or fulfilled. Finding forgiveness for yourself is one of the most loving things you can ever do:

Release The Past, Find Your Future

Become The Best You Possible And Live Your Best Life

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  • Know what’s in your heart… and follow it
  • Free yourself from self-judgement and fear
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