Stop Asking “Will My Relationship Last?” and Recognize the 2 Strongest Signs of Relationship Longevity

Is your relationship plagued with drama, criticism and fighting?

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Are you and your partner constantly in a state of walking on eggshells?

Does all this drama make you ask yourself “will my relationship last?”

If so, you need to get to the root cause of what is driving you to this dysfunctional relationship pattern, so you can end the drama and stop asking yourself, “Will my relationship last?”

Finding Balance In Your Relationship

When your partner gets equally upset over something small as he does over something major, it can be very confusing. It can throw you off balance. You can never feel stable and safe in your relationship because you can’t even predict what will set your partner off. That’s why the first and stronger predictor of relationship longevity, says relationship expert Dr. Pat Love, is emotional regulation.

When you or your partner can’t properly regulate your emotions, and are continuously set off by many different things, you’re bound to find unnecessary drama in your relationship.

Regulating your emotions allows you to create space between what you’re feeling in the moment, and how you respond as a result of those emotions. If you and your partner are able to regulate your emotions, this is a good sign your relationship will last and indicates a sign of longevity.

Couple Dealing With Relationship Issues

If your partner is unable to keep their emotions in check, you can’t change your partner or how they process their emotions, but you can influence them. How? Rather than responding to their heightened emotions, provide feedback to their response. If you and your partner are able to communicate regarding your emotions, this is also a good sign your relationship will last.

In any relationship, our partners will be able to see things about us that we aren’t able to. When we open ourselves up to receiving feedback we’re able to grow, learn and improve. And that helps our relationships last.

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Long term relationships grow, change and evolve as we do, so it’s important that we’re able to learn from our relationship experiences in order to stay in a happy, healthy, connected relationship.

Get the skills needed to make your relationship last.

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