The Fastest, Cheapest Way To Improve Your Relationship

Is your relationship as good as it used to be?

If not, what have you tried to make it better?

Here are a few common approaches:

  • Read books about improving relationships.
  • Try out different communication techniques.
  • Make lists of things you appreciate about your partner, and read them aloud to each other.
  • See a couple’s therapist.
  • Get your own therapist, because clearly you can’t make a relationship work if you don’t start with yourself.
  • Plan date nights and special vacations together. Maybe even sign up for a joint class.

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These are all valuable approaches, because dedicating time and attention to your relationship means you’re making it a priority.

But what if I could give you a cheaper, easier, and often more effective alternative?

What If I told you to Just. Have. Sex?

Yes, Really. If You Want A Great Relationship, Start With Great Sex.

If you didn’t know I was writing this article—if you hadn’t seen a few other articles first—you’d probably assume I was just some horny, insensitive guy who didn’t understand women.

But by now, you know that it’s quite the opposite.

I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine specializing in sex for over 30 years. After treating thousands of couples and singles, I’ve become convinced that people sell sex way too short. I’ve seen them relegate it to the back seat with ill consequences, including diminished relationship satisfaction.

And I’ve proven that when couples make sex a PRIORITY, their relationships achieve the greatest transformation.

Yet, like them, you may initially discount it.

You might think that improving a relationship couldn’t possibly be so easy. “Working” on a relationship takes work, right?

You might think improving a relationship couldn’t possible be so cheap. Sex is free. Shouldn’t you spend a few thousand dollars on counseling?

You might think that sex is something that should only happen AFTER you fix a relationship. Don’t you have to get rid of the problems first?

No. No. No.

The Dangers Of Trying Every Other Approach To Improve Your Relationship

If you’re under the assumption that everything has to be right in your relationship before you prioritize sex, and that your relationship is something you have to work on, you’re heading in a very dangerous direction.

In fact, you’re practically guaranteeing that you’ll fail.

Did you know that couples counseling has one of the highest rates of failure? Sure, sometimes a couple will go to counseling as a last-ditch effort. For these people, it’s already too late.

For many others who roll up their sleeves and really try to work on their relationship, guess what happens?

They burn out. They lose interest in “making things work.” They give up and believe it’s hopeless.

This happens because after all that effort, their relationship lacks the fun, spontaneity, and discovery that initially brought the partners together.

It’s not the therapist’s fault. Good communication and conflict resolution are absolutely necessary for intimacy.

But here is what many struggling couples forget:

Sex is EQUALLY important.

In order to create a sexy, connected relationship that lasts, you need BOTH emotional intimacy AND sex.

“But We DO Have Sex!” I Can Hear You Say

Ok, but what kind of sex are you having?

Are you going through the motions? Is it the same exact sequence every time you do it? Are you only having it on certain nights.

When you’ve been with your partner for a while, and you know all the right buttons to push, it’s easy to get into a rut.

You can do it start to finish in only 5 minutes. Done deal.

And while a quickie can be a great thing, it should be only ONE of the many pieces in your repertoire.

Because when I talk about sex, I mean sex that is anything but routine. Instead, I prescribe an unparalleled experience that can change your life and your relationship. The kind of sex that unlocks a deep emotional bond that can get you and your partner through anything.

Emotional Intimacy + Sexual Skill = Lifelong Romance

It infuriates me to see so many couples struggle in their relationship—or give up altogether—when improving a relationship can be so easy.

Regular sex—done in the right way—accomplishes a myriad of benefits in one fell swoop:

Sex improves your health: From strengthening your immunity to raising your energy levels to regulating all your organs, sex is practically the best medicine money can’t buy.

Sex improves your self esteem: Your sexuality is a key component of who you are. Through regular, skillful sex, you step into the full expression of your being.

Sex improves your relationship: Connecting sexually starts a powerful domino effect between you and your partner, facilitating the kind of emotional bond that heals hearts, resolves age-old conflict, and reignites latent desire.

In my program Passion Play, I’ll teach you how to achieve all these benefits through the time-tested techniques of the ancients.

See, the ancient Chinese began studying sex over 3,000 years ago and discovered that it was a gateway to complete wellbeing—physical and emotional. When I started learning about this body of work myself, and began applying it in my medical practice, I saw my patients experience incredible results. And in Passion Play I’ll show you how to:

  • Discover your innate sexuality and achieve previously unknown heights of pleasure
  • Foreplay techniques that build desire and anticipation, making you crave each other just as you did when you first got together
  • Diet, lifestyle and exercise recommendations to improve your overall health, raise your energy, and make you feel more desirable
  • Everything you need to know about positions for intercourse—including ways to customize them to accommodate a man’s size
  • When to have sex (timing matters) in order to ensure the greatest emotional and sexual connection

In short, when my patients began implementing the specific sexual techniques I taught them, they in turn underwent a dramatic transformation in both their physical health and their romantic relationship.

In Passion Play, I cover much more than sexual positions and techniques to make pleasure last. I go into the exact lifestyle and diet prescriptions that work together with skilled sex to bring about the greatest benefits—in you, your partner, and your connection.

Having a sexy relationship is as much about what you do IN BETWEEN sex, which is why in Passion Play I’ll also teach you how to build sexual tension and desire even when you’re apart, so that when you come together it is electrifying:

The Most Powerful Relationship Tool

When you make great sex an indispensable part of your relationship, you’ll never have to worry about fixing it.


Felice Dunas

P.S. Here’s another approach you might be tempted to take if your relationship is faltering:

Do nothing. Pretend like there’s no problem. Hope things will straighten themselves out. Or assume this is just what happens to couples over time and resign yourself to being stuck with a less-than-satisfying relationship.

Please, don’t do this. You’ll be digging your relationship’s grave and denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures. My mission is to save as many marriages as possible through sex, and I can show you how easily you can do that here:

How Sex Can Save Your Relationship

Fall Deeply In Love All Over Again

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