Your Relationship Has A High Probability Of Failure If You Don’t Make One Powerful Choice… Here’s Your Wake Up Call When Your Relationship “Drifts Apart”

“We just drifted apart.”

How many times have you heard someone say this about their relationship?

How often have you said it about yours?

It’s a scary place to be—when you and your partner feel so disconnected. You remember the connection being so strong. All the pieces that were there at the beginning are still here, and so why isn’t the connection happening?

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Worse still is the couple who isn’t scared at all by the loss of connection—they’re so used to not being intimate that they’ve concluded this is “just the way things are.”

Maybe you’re in one of these places right now. You’re bored with your partner. You’re just going through the motions. You’re not having sex, or, if you are having it, it’s not an act of making love anymore.

Maybe you’re fantasizing about someone else. This someone else has made you feel the kinds of things you’d forgotten you could feel. It feels good. The kind of good that’s not happening with your partner—and maybe hasn’t happened for a long time.

Maybe YOU feel connected, but your partner doesn’t. First you started to ignore the fact that he was preoccupied. Or you chalked it up to being a fact of busy schedules, parenthood, life. Now it’s at a point where you can’t ignore it. Someone is talking about leaving. Or just not talking at all.

This message is your wake up call.

Because as a medical practitioner and sex educator for over 30 years, I can tell you this:

If you don’t attend to these warning signs in your relationship now, you’re on a very dangerous path.

As I’ll explain, attraction and sexuality are dependent on certain energetic forces within you. When these are in balance with your partner, you can stay in love forever. If not, this imbalance can lead one or both of you to go astray—and cause your relationship to collapse.

This isn’t your fault. As a human being, you’re affected by the rhythms of nature, and sadly disconnection is one of them—IF you don’t do something now to intervene. Keep reading and I’ll explain why—and how to easily nurture your disconnection to keep you and your partner from drifting apart.

Is This Just A Temporary Rough Patch, Or A Fundamental Incompatibility?

All couples go through rough patches in their relationship here and there.

Sometimes it’s a temporary glitch because of work stress, illness, child-rearing or other distractions that keep you from focusing on yourself, your relationship and each other.

And sometimes the rough patches are actually signs of something far more serious—a fundamental incompatibility or imbalance of “energy.”

We all inhabit an energetic personality, or “chi,” as it’s referred to in ancient wisdom. Our chi is our life force. It is how we show up in the world.

Human behavior can also be placed on a continuum of either male (YANG) or female (YIN) energy.

If you’re a woman, your predominant life force is YIN energy. Yin energy is introverted, calming, inner-directed, listening, reactive and nurturing.

If you’re a man, your predominant life force is YANG energy. Yang energy is extroverted, expressive, action-oriented, analytical and outer-directed.

At any point in your life, you’re either utilizing more YIN or more YANG energy, depending on life circumstances, stresses and lifestyle. In fact, your sexuality, your physical body, your state of mind, and hence your relationships ALL depend on the condition of your “chi,” or energy.

Everything is intricately linked.

Why You’re Seemingly Inexplicably Drawn To Certain People

The condition of your energy, or your balance of yin/yang, is what attracts you to someone in the first place. Conversely, if the condition of your energy changes, your attraction to that person also changes.

Which is why you might be attracted to someone who’s quiet, creative and a good listener at one point in your life, and find a more ambitious, proactive and adventurous person more attractive at another point in your life.

That’s also why monogamy can be difficult, because your PARTNER’S energetic condition can also change and be at odds with yours at different points in your relationship.

Have you ever wished your partner was more communicative?

Less passive?

More adventurous?

Less combative?

Those are all energetic qualities and signal some sort of incompatibility.

If you meet someone whose energetic profile is better matched and more nourishing for you, that could feel HIGHLY attractive.

It could even inspire you to consider engaging sexually with this person, because your yin or yang energy will be drawn to the opposite but complementary expression of that person’s energy. The energy within you is saying this feels right—and that becoming sexually involved could be replenishing for you.

And that is how your ENERGY can drive you to an affair, even if you’re committed to your partner and even if you don’t really want to break up your marriage or family.

Connect With Your Partner Again

Do You Want To Affair-Proof Your Relationship? Then You Have A Choice…

What if you don’t want to have an affair and you certainly don’t want your partner to have an affair, either?

The key to ensuring that you’re once again sexually and emotionally attracted to your partner (and vice versa) has to do with rebalancing your energetic profile. Your energetic profile is the condition of the chi or energy in your body in all its variations and functions.

You CAN reconnect with the partner you’re committed to, but it requires putting your relationship first. It requires intention and commitment. People in relationships often forget this.

You might not realize that you can rebalance your energy internally—all on your own. This is why one person can make all the difference in the improvement of a love affair. By changing your own energetic profile, you can refresh, reignite and rebirth your entire relationship.

But it requires that you take responsibility by making the necessary changes in your own energy first.

Maybe you’ve been hoping that your partner will somehow “see the light” and change.

If you’ve been waiting for your partner to change before you’ll change anything YOU are doing, you’ll probably be waiting a very long time.

So here’s the solution: Your relationship should first and foremost be what I call your primary “platform.”

It should be the place you nurture and sustain—where you devote your time, energy, and attention.

But what often happens in relationships—and specifically in those which “drift apart”—is that the relationship becomes a platform for everything else:

You’re together, so you buy a home. You’re together, so you have kids. You’re together, so you develop a social life as a couple and plan vacations. You navigate the demands of your work schedules and fit the relationship around that. You develop a whole world out of being together, but the togetherness itself is ignored.

In other words, you take your relationship for granted. You figure you’ll leave it on autopilot…and all that romance and connection? It’ll just take care of itself.

The frightening aspect of all this is that it’s insidious. It starts with little things that eventually creep in and take the focus off the relationship. Before you know it, your relationship has gone from being a priority to being relegated as a platform from which everything else happens. And because of that, it becomes a very shaky foundation.

Many top-level executives have told me that when they actually get away on vacation from their stressful jobs, they just want to let it all go. And then he wonders why his wife doesn’t want to kiss him when he smells and hasn’t shaved for days. He wasn’t thinking about turning her off, but he’s also not being considerate of her when she asks him to get in the shower first.

This is not something any of these men would have consciously done when they were dating their wives.

Relationships don’t just take care of themselves. These men should not be surprised that they’ve been directing attention away from their relationship, and the relationship is showing neglect.

Why The Odds Are NOT In Your Favor (And What You Can Do To Improve Them)

The quality of your relationship is a result of the attention you put in. No relationship can coast, especially because if you neglect or take the relationship for granted, the odds are not in your favor.

If two leaves are next to each other on a tree in the fall, and Mother Nature takes its course, gradually, the leaves will get closer and closer to falling off. This is simply how Mother Nature works. In time, one thing is predictable—the leaves will eventually fall, and they’ll fall far apart.

A relationship is like that. You can’t just stay in a relationship by inertia. Mother Nature will readily pull you apart. Anthropological and psychological studies have all documented this. People are not naturally designed to stay together forever without effort.

Fortunately, commitment and values ARE on your side.

You have to rise above animal instinct and involve your head and heart.

This is why when people CHOOSE to grow together, that choice is very powerful, and that choice is what binds the leaves together so they don’t fall apart.

You simply CANNOT afford to coast in your relationship or believe things will just work out—and that you and your partner can survive the bumps along the way.

You MUST make a choice. And keep making the choice with your partner—every day. But this doesn’t have to be tedious work. In fact, it should NOT be in order for it to work.

What I want to do—as I’ve done with CEOs, royalty, and millionaires—is to show you how to use the body Mother Nature gave you to re-balance your yin or yang energy, re-vitalize the attraction you feel for your partner and vice-versa, and re-establish the kind of connection that protects you from drifting apart.

Your Body And Your Sexuality Are Your Greatest Allies

The irony is that the ONLY way to defeat the natural inclination of drifting apart is to use the most primal tool you possess—your body and your sexuality.

The greatest energetic force that can fight inertia in a relationship is sex, because if you know how to use sex and sexuality correctly, you can actually re-balance your chi, or energy, and draw your partner closer to you.

It is vital for men and women to be adept at the skills associated with your primary energetic qualities. Specifically, a man can learn specific ways to enhance and prolong his partner’s pleasure while enhancing his own and building his chi—his strength—for all endeavors in his life. A woman can learn the art of receptivity, thereby nourishing herself and her partner in the moment and for the future.

When each partner understands what the other person needs sexually and energetically, using the ancient wisdom shared in Passion Play, they can work together to create ecstatic sex that bonds a relationship like nothing else.

Passion Play will show you exactly how to do this—through simple techniques that not only bring you great pleasure but are a pleasure to do.

Through a 250+ page book with accompanying audio as well as a video and bonus PDF, you’ll learn exactly how chi works in your body—and how to know when your energetic profile is at odds in your relationship.

You’ll learn how to recognize when your yin or yang energies are too weak or too strong, and what to do in order to become more energetically magnetic to your partner.

You’ll discover how to do this, not just through foreplay and intercourse, but through specific lifestyle strategies and personal interactions, as well.

When you restore your energetic balance, you can have a brand new, sexy relationship with the partner you already have—even if you’ve been together for decades and think you know every button on your partner’s body.

You’ll feel more excited about your partner, and they will feel more excited about you, because the shift in your energy will be like a breath of fresh air in your stagnant relationship.

You’ll enjoy sex like never before, not just because you’ll be more in tune with each other’s bodies, but because you’ll reach heights of pleasure using the time-tested and well-researched techniques revealed in the Passion Play program.

Using these same techniques, I’ve seen people behave as if they’re on their honeymoon. They’re more affectionate with each other, they listen better and they feel optimistic about their future together. This happened, not because of months of therapy or a crisis. It happened because they followed the powerful, ancient principles contained in Passion Play.

They were able to restore their energy balance, enjoy spectacular sex and a rise in emotional intimacy soon followed:

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Time and age DO change relationships. You WILL feel differently about your partner today than you did when you first met. But you also learn to use your body in ways that create such a strong energetic match to your partner that you begin to feel desire, longing, and pleasure in new, BETTER ways.

I can’t wait to show you how.


Felice Dunas

P.S. I’ll say it again: Mother Nature is NOT on your side if you want a truly happy, long-term monogamous relationship. You need to rise above animal instinct in order to have the kind of connection that can last a lifetime.

Unless you take action to re-balance your energetic qualities to ensure you stay attracted AND attractive, your relationship WILL lose its spark over time. Fortunately, the antidote is fun, pleasurable and effective. Get Passion Play now, RISK-FREE, and learn the ancient secret to keeping your love alive for life.

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