How to Save a Relationship That is Growing Apart

Are you struggling to feel connected to your partner? Are you fighting more frequently and wondering if you need an intervention to save your relationship?

Maybe you’re going to bed at different times.

Maybe you’re both so busy, you don’t find time to do anything together.

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Or maybe you’re starting to feel neglected because your partner is off doing their own thing.

Is it normal to feel disconnected at times? Or does this mean you’re headed for a breakup?

6 Signs Of Relationship Trouble & How to Save a Relationship Before It’s Too Late

We consulted with marriage counselor Dr. Pat Love, who shared 6 signs that predict trouble in your relationship, and how to turn things around so you can feel in-sync and in love with your partner again.

Simply because you argue a lot, doesn’t mean your relationship is in trouble. Many happy couples argue, but they quickly make up without any long-term resentment, because they know how to connect to each other. Many couples even say that disagreements make their relationship stronger.

Connected couple in harmony

This ability to connect again after an argument speaks to the strength of a relationship, and shows that there is trust to share feelings without fear of alienating each other.

Not all couples are able to do this, so for some, conflict can indeed be a warning sign: it can indicate that there may be a weak connection between you and your mate.

When you’re disconnected, it can feel as if you don’t have each other’s back. Or don’t trust your partner to care about you or your feelings. There’s a sense of a lack of stability in the relationship. This is how conflict transitions from being a normal part of a relationship dynamic to a warning sign.

There are 6 key warning signs that your conflict means more than simply an everyday argument:

  1. Anger — When you get into an argument with your partner, it feels more like a battle than a disagreement.
  2. Defensiveness — You’re both constantly on the defensive and no one is taking responsibility.
  3. Silence — Either you or your partner punish each other with the silent treatment. This causes one or both of you to withdraw, leading to a larger relationship disconnection.
  4. Distraction — Rather than dealing with the negative feelings that have stemmed from your conflict, you or your partner have distracted yourself by busying yourself.
  5. Crankiness — Sarcasm and snide comments are a sign that you’re suppressing hidden resentments towards your partner.
  6. Nagging — Being critical and nagging your partner is a destructive relationship behavior and a symptom of a relationship disconnection.

If your conflicts include these 6 symptoms, there’s no need to lose hope. You can still save your relationship.

Fixing a relationship starts with repairing your connection. When you fix your connection, you’ll be able to give each other the benefit of the doubt, make compromises on things you don’t agree on, and talk things through instead of withdrawing.

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