The 5 Myths, Misunderstandings And Emotional Blocks Keeping You From Having An Exceptional Relationship And Sex Life

When you think about sex, what comes to mind?

Is it something that you used to enjoy when you were younger/more in love/had more energy?

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Is it a way for you to know you have “chemistry” and compatibility with a new partner? Or a way to stay connected with a lifelong partner?

Is it a sore topic for you because you and your partner aren’t in agreement on how much of it you should be having together?

Maybe you haven’t put a lot of importance on sex.

Like most, you probably consider other aspects to be more important in your relationship, such as communication, consideration, respect, shared values and a shared vision for the future.

Maybe your kids are your priority now. Or career needs all your attention. Perhaps you’re feeling fatigued and burned out and can’t muster the energy to even THINK about getting physical.

As a result, you may relate to some of these statements:

“We’re not having sex but so what? That’s the least of our problems.”

“If I never had sex again, I’d be fine with that.”

“I’m not going to push her, I’ll just take care of it myself.”

“Is there something wrong with us as a couple because we’re just not doing it? And will this ever change?”

“It’s not great, but it’s fine. Although I really miss the sex life we used to have.”

If any of these statements ring true for you, it’s likely that your relationship lacks real passion and intimacy, even if you think things are “fine.”

So now, what if I were to tell you that there’s a way to completely transform your life and love and increase that passion and intimacy THROUGH sex?

Would you be skeptical? Curious? Excited?

Whatever it is you’re thinking now, I invite you to take a deep breath, because I’m about to reveal a little-known and often misunderstood secret about the role of sex in your life.

The Role Of Sex In Relationships (It’s Much More Important Than You Might Think)

I’ve been working as a medical practitioner for more than 30 years. In the course of my career I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and couples who would come to me seeking ways to improve their physical and sexual health.

I started to see a pattern: when my patients’ health improved, so did their sex life. And when their sex life improved, so did their relationship. In fact, when couples worked on improving their skills in the bedroom, all other aspects of their life improved.

When couples made the quality of their intimate life the axle of the wheel, so to speak, then challenges to other aspects of life (the spokes) didn’t influence their wellbeing and sense of stability quite as much.

When a couple’s intimate life was very good…

They found it easier to talk with their partner about important or personal matters.

They felt a greater contentment with life. More optimistic about their future.

They had a deep, physical craving for their partner again in a way they hadn’t had in years.

They achieved these results because they tried and perfected specific techniques I prescribed to make sex not just enjoyable, but ecstatic.

The quality of the sex improved their relationship and many patients even reported that various aches and pains had disappeared, too. They felt more vigorous, happier, younger.

Based on the results I’ve seen over and over with my patients and clients, I firmly believe that great sex, done correctly and utilizing well-researched, ancient skills you can’t find anywhere else, can actually transform and improve your health, your energy, and the connection you feel with a partner more than anything else.

In your wildest imagination, would you have ever imagined this to be a fact?

Your skepticism about this is understandable. After working with thousands of individuals and couples for the last 30 years, I’ve identified the 4 main reasons why you may be resisting this idea.

There are subconscious barriers keeping you from seeing the possibility that this one aspect of your life can be a catalyst for all the good things that make life blissful.

And therefore, these barriers are actually keeping you from having an exceptional relationship.

Do You Have These 5 Barriers to Great Love?

The 5 Emotional Barriers To Great Sex, Exceptional Love, And Consistent Physical Wellbeing

Most of us aren’t even willing to consider sex as a tool or catalyst for transformation in our love life or in our physical well-being.

That’s because we have emotional barriers that keep us from embracing sex as a PILLAR of quality life and love. These emotional barriers are so strong and so ingrained, you’re probably not aware of them on a conscious level.

See if you recognize yourself in any or all of these:

  1. You have emotional wounds, shame and triggers around sex.
  2. Were you told that you dressed too provocatively by a parent or authority figure when you were a teen? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend reject you in high school or college and left you feeling ugly, fat, unwanted or broken? Embarrassed for having sexual feelings? Assaulted or molested?

    These types of early experiences around love and sex have the power to make us believe that sex is dirty, shameful, or something to be enjoyed only under narrow circumstances (such as marriage or for procreation). They prevent us from asking for what we want or asking our partner what he or she wants. These wounds and triggers limit us from enjoying lovemaking in all its potential and experiencing the full scope and range of possibility when it comes to our sexuality.

    The good news is that many of these emotional wounds and triggers can actually be healed and overcome THROUGH skillful sex, done the right way at the right time.

    Learn More
  3. You dismiss the importance of sex in your relationship and health.
  4. If you’ve ever thought that sex is a nice pastime…after the chores are done and the kids are put to bed, if you’re feeling good about yourself, only when you’re getting along well with your partner or “in the mood”…

    …Then you’re dismissing the importance of sex in the longevity and health of your relationship.

    The divorce rate is still too high and families are being torn apart because parents can’t seem to make their relationships work. These unfortunate couples consider sex a casualty of a strained relationship—meaning, it’s the “first to go” when things go sour. They never even considered that if they were to nurture their intimacy through skillful, consistent and pleasurable activity, much of their complaints about their partner would actually dissolve.

    But sex must be skillful and done correctly, otherwise you’re back to that rut that makes sex “boring” or “a chore” or a “point of contention.”

    The good news is that there is long-standing, powerful evidence that putting a priority on mastering sex can actually improve ALL other aspects of your relationship and wellbeing.

  5. You misunderstand or malign men’s and women’s sexuality.
  6. Do you think men are horn dogs? That women are hard to please? That it’s easy for a man but it takes work for a woman to experience pleasure?

    Maybe you don’t understand what really turns a man on or what turns a woman on. Maybe you’re not even sure about what turns YOU on!

    As a society, we don’t know the facts. We resist learning. We dismiss the underlying truth. Why? Because we feel embarrassed to ask and we are ashamed or afraid to talk candidly and openly about it.

    If you don’t know the truth and are resistant to learn, then you will never be able to use this amazing tool to transform your life and love.

    This is why the key to a new and better experience begins with understanding the facts about men, women and how relationship (and physical pleasure) works.

    Discover the Facts Now
  7. Time changes sex.
  8. Just because you knew how to have great sex at age 25 doesn’t mean that you’ll know how to have it at age 50. Time changes things.

    When women go through childbirth, it changes their hormones and how they see themselves. When they go through menopause, things change again—and not just for women. Men also go through a kind of hormonal “menopause” that shifts their libido and physical abilities.

    It’s important to know the facts about the role of time in sexuality, otherwise you’ll be placing lofty expectations on yourself and your partner when it comes to your intimate relationship.

  9. We don’t know what we don’t know.
  10. Do you believe sex is either something you’re good at or not? That it’s something that just comes naturally, and as long as you can bring your partner to orgasm, you’re skilled?

    If so, you don’t know what you don’t know. And it’s not your fault!

    Most of us didn’t grow up with any sort of formal education when it comes to this important aspect of life. Our families and educators weren’t in a position to teach us. We didn’t have a handbook of techniques and strategy to refer to. We just learned as we went along, through trial and error.

    (Or we learned things through porn and that is so far outside of reality that getting any kind of information from it is actually a liability not an asset!)

    The bottom line here is that great sex requires skills and mastery. These aren’t skills that come “naturally” to most people. But they ARE skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered with ease.

    How do I know?

    Because these skills and techniques have been researched and put into successful practice for more than 3,000 years! And I’ve personally been teaching these ancient, time-tested principles to people all over the world with amazing results…

Discover The Facts, Master The Skills, And Use Ecstatic Pleasure To Transform Your Relationship For Life—Here’s How

There’s no reason why these common emotional barriers have to keep you from experiencing transformative sex, a stronger and more connected relationship and greater physical wellbeing.

That’s because I’ve put together a program that helps you overcome these barriers by teaching you the facts about sexuality and health and the specific skills and techniques that intensify pleasure and make it easier to attain.

This program is called Passion Play. It’s the result of not just my personal years of research and personal work with patients and clients, it’s based on the most time-tested ancient principles on sexuality ever recorded.

Passion Play is a program that contains a 250+ page eBook and corresponding audio, together with a bonus video and informational guide on the answers to the most common questions about sex.

Passion Play can help you discover the facts and master the skills of lovemaking through step-by-step instruction on how to enhance and lengthen foreplay, intensify arousal and orgasm, and techniques for more pleasurable intercourse for both men and women.

You’ll discover the facts about men’s and women’s sexuality and learn new things about your own body as well as your partner’s.

It will also show you lifestyle factors and exercises that improve your overall health and well-being, based on sage wisdom that’s been studied and put into practice for millennia.

You’ll also learn:

  • A foreplay technique that can help a man maintain his erection longer while also helping a woman achieve orgasm more easily.
  • Simple, short body exercises—using no special equipment—that increase sexual energy, libido and health.
Sexy Legs
  • A lifestyle strategy that has been shown to increase sexual arousal and frequency in women, as well as overall health and wellbeing.
  • The 4 levels of physical arousal a man must attain before attempting intercourse and the danger of rushing this process.
  • Specific movements that can build an almost unbearable sense of yearning and anticipation in a woman during the act of intercourse.
  • The best intercourse positions for men with issues with length or girth to help alleviate discomfort and add pleasure to both partners.
  • What to do immediately following an orgasm while masturbating in order to move energy throughout your body, where it can provide more energy, dexterity and skill when you are partnered.
  • The single most important sexual task you need to perform if you’re single, so that you can strengthen and balance your energy center and make it more likely to attract and choose an ideal partner in the future.
Transform Your Love Life

There’s a whole world of experience and pleasure waiting for you in what you’ll learn in Passion Play! You can make your relationship better and more resilient and remain passionately in love for a lifetime.

All it takes is recognizing that you have some barriers to overcome, staying open-minded and committing to learning some powerful new skills and practices.

I wish you every success on your journey.


Felice Dunas

P.S. Curious but not sure? No worries! Start reading or listening in mere minutes, try out the techniques, exercises and instruction and watch as your relationship and wellbeing blossom. If you opt not to keep the program for whatever reason, simply let me know within 7 days of your order and I’ll refund your investment 100%.

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