Why You’ll Never Find Mr. Right If You Think You’re Too Busy For a Relationship

Is dating a priority in your life? Or do you keep putting love off until later? Maybe you’re putting love off because you’ve been burned just one too many times. Maybe you’re just too busy living your life that it’s too hard to find the extra time to date and make an investment of time and energy into a new relationship. Whatever the cause, you’re never going to find Mr. Right if you think you’re too busy for a relationship.

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Many women think they’re too busy, too overworked, or too stressed to devote time to finding a relationship. Rather than rearranging their schedule to find the right man, they’re willing to rearrange their schedule after they find the right man. The problem with this approach is that these women are trying to create a miracle. Why? You can’t have Mr. Right if you don’t have time to find him. Stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking your own bad habits creates the freedom to find the love you’ve been searching for.

Love is Like Weight Loss – It Takes Work, It Doesn’t Just Happen

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Thinking love will magically happen is like thinking weight loss will just magically happen. You can’t lose weight without putting in any effort to change your bad habits, and you can’t find love if you don’t put effort into finding love. If you’re too busy for a relationship, you will stay single.

According to dating expert, Evan Marc Katz, if you’re committed to finding love, and believe that love is worth working for, you’ll have to make a conscious shift towards prioritizing love. Prioritizing love doesn’t have to be a major change in your life, it can start with looking for small wins in dating, and breaking bad habits that turn men off.

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