The Missing Link That Finally Brings You Your Heart’s Deepest Desire

Do you have a “list” describing the kind of partner you hope to meet?

Maybe you’ve heard that when you know what you want, the Law of Attraction will help bring it forth.

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Perhaps you’ve even made a list of qualities you want in a partner, because you read somewhere that it’s important to have a clear picture of the special person you’ll want to share your life with.

Good looking, fit, educated, funny, someone who loves children, craves the outdoors, volunteers time to charitable causes…any or all of these may be on your list.

This is a great exercise.

Yet the very real problem with just making a list of what you want in a partner is that it’s a very passive place from which to try to attract love.

You may think that by practicing the Law of Attraction in this way, that you’re “doing” something to bring in your partner.

But there are two other lists that I think are even more important.

These two lists literally move you from having a flat, monochrome idea of your future to having a vibrant, technicolor vision that sets you up to ACTIVELY co-create the love you want.

When you step into this active creative space, you will join the hundreds of thousands of women I’ve helped finally attract the love they’ve so longed for.

Ready to be my next success story? Let’s get started…

Co-Creative List #1: The Felt Sense Of Your Future Relationship

Listing all the ways you want your partner to appear physically, emotionally, and intellectually only gives you half of the picture. It’s all about him or her.

What you want to do is create a list that has on it everything your RELATIONSHIP feels like to have.

This would include specifics about the emotional bond you have with this person—the connection itself.

Maybe you want to be in a relationship where you feel you are each other’s best friends, and that this is the person you turn to first because you feel such a deep sense of trust between you.

You also want to get clear on little details about the relationship that will make it so special for you: the generosity flowing freely between the two of you, your shared goals, and even the inside jokes and shared language that only the two of you know.

The idea is to have a palpable sense of what the relationship looks and feels like between the two of you, and not just how your mate looks, acts, or thinks.

Co-Creative List #2: How You Experience Yourself In This Relationship

This is really where you move from having just a wish list about your future mate to becoming the person who magnetizes him or her into your life.

In this list, you’ll paint a picture of how you are experiencing yourself within the relationship.

Who are you being?

And what are you doing?

These two questions offer you the clues you need to start becoming that person right now in order to actively attract the relationship you want.

So, maybe you picture you and your beloved laughing a lot and having fun. You feel yourself to be happy, confident, and a fun person to be with.

Inside of this sense of yourself, you might start going out more now, extending yourself to create more fun for you and your friends.

Or if you imagine yourself being open hearted with your partner, you might want to start showing your heart more freely to others, in ways that allow them to find their way into your world.

And if you see yourself and your mate creating a beautiful home together, you might look to begin beautifying your home right now.

Putting It Together: Taking Your Vision From Monochrome To Technicolor

Do you see how these two lists come together to lift you into a completely different realm—from merely waiting to finally bump into your mate to being an unstoppable magnetic force for love?

If you don’t have these lists, it could explain why all your efforts to “manifest” your mate haven’t been working.

These two lists will get you into a conscious, co-creative space from where you become an active participant in attracting the love you want—as opposed to the one-dimensional list about your ideal partner.

One approach is passive and powerless, the other is active and attractive!

With the latter two lists, you are literally weaving your future into existence and actively participating in generating that future, rather than waiting and hoping for it to happen to you.

Co-creativity is anything but passive—you are activating the future, by who you are being and how you are showing up in life.

It works, because when you commit to taking a creative stance in calling forth your love, the universe will respond by bringing you all manner of unforseen experiences, coincidences, and people you would never have encountered before.

The Lists In Action: How I Co-Created The Miracle In My Love Life

When I was going through my own process, I stepped into the possibility of being with a wonderful man who felt safe, who felt like home, who was turning towards me, who was devoted to me, and who was strong, supportive, and kind.

I imagined myself pregnant with his child, feeling what it might feel like to waddle as I walked around the kitchen trying to cook a meal with my big belly.

Being 41 and never married, this was completely outside of my experiences to date, and yet I stayed with it.

I felt how he might feel about me, and I imagined seeing myself through his eyes.

And then I allowed myself to connect with my desires.I noticed I had this deep desire to create a home that was nurturing and nourishing. And I noticed I had a deep desire to contribute support to a partner’s mission, and a desire to bring blessings into the world through the happiness that we created.

And when I started to notice these things, it changed me in very real ways.

I started to show up in life as a co-creator of that future. Organically, I started to make my home a more nurturing, loving place to be. I cleaned out the clutter and began tending to my home as though I already shared it with a man I loved. I started to extend myself to others to find out what they really cared about, and then I got up underneath their visions and their missions by offering my support and encouragement.

In only a matter of months, by co-creating the fulfillment of my dream from the inside out, I “called in” my husband—a true miracle in my love life.

The Proven Process To Call In Your Own Love Miracle—No Matter How Hopeless Things Seem Now

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that deciding to become a co-creator in my love life—rather than a wishful bystander—was the reason I got married and had our daughter at the age of 43.

I had to break past even the most stubborn and disheartening patterns in love to finally attract the love I yearned for.

You CAN become magnetic to love by being an active, conscious co-creator in your destiny.

First, you’ll learn how to connect with your true desires—the long forgotten and often buried desires of your heart that you may have shut down because of the disappointments in love you’ve experienced so far.

Move from resignation and powerlessness into feeling a sense of destiny that lives like an alive sense of possibility in your body.

THIS will be the beginning of your miracle!

Emotionally connect with yourself in that future as if you already have all that you desire.

For me, when I emotionally connected with this future, I started to have this different sense of myself as someone who was loved, safe in this world, known, and seen.

This then made me more confident and open.

I could relax, and I began to walk through the world inside of a different experience of myself. Like that version of my happily-married self that could actually be accessed right where I was.

Start walking through your life as though you already are loved, safe, wanted, adored, and you’ll begin relating to people from this center within yourself.

And here’s the amazing thing about that…

When you start to show up differently, you will find that others will begin responding to you differently too.

If a miracle can happen in my love life, then I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it can happen for you as well.

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

P.S. Knowing what you want in a mate is only a tiny fraction of the puzzle. It is insight without action, and it’ll keep you in a place of wanting, hoping, praying, and waiting. To radically transform your love life in a relatively short period of time, you’ll need to step into the powerful co-creative source that is already within you.

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