A Decision You Made Long Ago Could Be Costing You Love Today. Here’s How To Change That Right Now.

When singles come to me for help trying to find their one special someone, they’re usually frustrated, confused, and out of answers.

Why is this one thing they want so badly so hard to find?

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They know what they want, but the gap from where they are to where they want to be seems insurmountable.

What I’ve found, time and time again, is that even though they may be doing all the “right things” to attract a relationship, there are a few critical elements they’re overlooking, and it’s costing them the love they want.

One of these very important factors has to do with something that happened in their past. It may not be something they’re even consciously aware of, but it’s preventing them from realizing the romantic relationship they want today.

And… it’s something that most likely doesn’t even come up in traditional therapy or self-help books.

Yet once they uncover and address this one, simple element, everything changes.

That’s why, if you’re longing for love and still haven’t found it, you can’t afford not to read the rest of this message.

Old Agreements: The Critical Piece Of The Puzzle Many Singles Overlook

You have your sights and your heart set on love, but if it’s not happening for you, chances are you’re overlooking something.

I’m talking about “old agreements.”

Something you promised yourself or someone else long, long ago that you may or may not even remember.

Agreements are decisions you made or things you may have vowed to yourself or others—both spoken and unspoken—maybe years ago, and usually in a moment of passion or upset.

Even if your life circumstances have changed, these agreements are still influencing the actions that you are taking and the choices you are making today. And often negatively!

Old agreements are HUGE when it comes to not being able to finding new love.

They can be overt, like the marital vows you made before your family and friends to your former husband. Or that you told an old boyfriend you’d never love anyone else as much as you love him.

Or they can be more subtle, covert agreements you made within yourself, like the decision you made when you were 10 years old that you’d never get married because you didn’t want to be miserable like your mother. Or that you silently agreed to let your sister be the one who shined, while you held back your own gifts. Or that you’d never let your heart be hurt again.

The Power of Agreements In Creating Your Reality

The agreements you’ve made along the way serve as intentions that you’ve set.

Years after we forget we ever made an agreement, it will influence our choices and actions because it is so deeply imbedded in our consciousness. Basically, when we set an intention, we are creating our future.

For example, if you decided long ago that marriage was a one-way ticket to misery, this then became the driving force or consciousness from which all your decisions were made. What that might look like today is that you find yourself settling for partners who won’t commit, or you will decide you just don’t feel like going to that party on Saturday night, thereby preventing yourself from meeting new people by being isolated most weekends.

It won’t occur like you’re the one preventing love from coming into your life, but you will be—inside of an internal and unconscious devotion to keeping your agreement with yourself.

So, while you may have a deep desire for a loving partnership, your unconscious allegiance to the agreement you made long ago is still alive, and sabotaging your chances for happy healthy love now.

In other words…

Those old agreements—even though they’re in the past—are actually CREATING your love life in the present.

The amazing, inspiring truth is that choosing NEW agreements will change the choices you make and therefore will create a radically new and different, happy outcome for you.

A Quick Test To Discover Your Old Agreements Keeping You From Healthy, Happy Love

Wondering if perhaps something you decided long ago is blocking you from finding love today?

Here’s a simple way to pinpoint where you might have an old agreement you need to clear up.

Ask yourself this question:

“Who would not be happy if I were happy in love? Who would I hesitate to share the good news with that I’ve fallen in love?”

Would it break your former boyfriend’s heart if he were to learn that you now loved someone new?

Would your mother feel abandoned or replaced if you were to get married?

Would the little girl inside you already be guarding herself against being hurt again?

These questions are extremely helpful in unlocking love for you, because they point you to certain (often unconscious) loyalties you’re holding that are holding you back from being available to receive happy, healthy love into your life.

New Agreements = Change In Choices = New Future

If you finally want to stop the negative patterns that have been keeping you stuck and single, it’s critical that you update your agreements to be consistent with the future you are committed to creating.

This is such an important element in finding new, happy, healthy love, that it should be your central focus by bringing your old, outdated and maybe-long-forgotten agreements into conscious awareness and give youself the opportunity to re-choose and renegotiate those agreements that no longer serve you.

Meditate to help with this on a daily basis so that your new agreements become your new reality. From these new agreements you will finally begin to make new choices, and this is where the miracles begin to happen.

Your new agreements will lead to new intentions, choices, and actions that will open up the floodgates so you can become magnetic to the love you desire.

Go from waiting, hoping, and praying for love to happen to you, into allowing love to finally now happen THROUGH you. You’ll learn how to step into a new way of being that will naturally draw love to your doorstep.

And it all starts with the way you’re living your life right now.

There is no predetermined future. You’re the one who has been creating your love story so far, and YOU have the power to change it.

I am excited for you to walk through this powerful process that has helped so many people.

My life’s work is moving you from resignation to possibility. When you change your old agreements, you’re flipping the switch on your future—making what you thought was impossible possible, and becoming magnetic to your beautiful, miraculous reality of love fulfilled.

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

P.S. Learning how to attract healthy love from the inside out and make new agreements isn’t easy, but it will set you up to be forever fulfilled in love!

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