If You’ve Been Let Down So Often In Love That You Can’t Even Imagine Yourself In A Great Relationship, This Is A Game Changer

Allow yourself to imagine, if just for a moment, that you are already in the arms of your beloved—the person you’ve longed for.

This relationship is completely different from anything you’ve experienced so far.

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Instead of drama, distance, and doubt, there is a sense of being safe and being seen.

The two of you are playful together, and there is a definite togetherness.

This precious person loves you so much, is trustworthy, and is present for you.

The positive energy between the two of you is palpable. There is no doubt in your mind this is the person for you, and he or she feels equally certain about this relationship.

You’re just so…happy.

You are content, and your heart is open.

Does This Kind Of Love Story Feel Completely Impossible For You?

If it was challenging and near impossible for you to even imagine such a happy, healthy relationship for yourself, then you’ve probably been hurt too many times in love.

Your previous relationships have looked nothing like this picture of a happy union. In fact, you don’t even know what a good relationship is supposed to look like for you. How are you supposed to have a vision when you’ve never experienced anything like it?

If this sounds like what you’re feeling right now, there’s something you need to know.

Disappointment after disappointment means you may have shut down something important:

Your desire for love.

I don’t mean simply your desire to be in a relationship. I mean your full-blown, all-out desire for exactly what your relationship will look like and feel like.

While you may say you want to be in a relationship, you might be afraid to ask for “too much”—to desire a fantastic partnership completely different from what you’ve known so far.

You shut down this desire because you didn’t believe you could have what you wanted.

And why wouldn’t you? It’s painful for us to feel how much we want something that we can’t have.

Yet desire is KEY in attracting the relationship you want.

The Art Of Conscious Creation—And How To Make It Work For You

When we shut down our desires, we become non magnetic: a little flat and boring.

Our lack of energy can’t signal that we are ripe for the picking. There’s no juicy sparkle to turn someone’s head. No real magic happening anywhere.

Yet this is the kind of internal magic you need to finally call in the love of your life!

Right now, you may feel at the mercy of life—as if love is some random thing that happens by chance.

And up until now, life has seemingly shown you nothing but lack of possibility. You believe your fate has been determined, and so you’re not even allowing yourself to imagine what a healthy relationship would look like for you.

Yet the truth is that people attract love when they take the reins of their life—by consciously creating it.

And to become magnetic to the love you want to CONSCIOUSLY call into your life, you need to first connect with your desires, because desire is the first step of creation.

Anchoring Into Your Love Power Center Where Everything Is Possible

Deciding to become a conscious creator of love immediately thrusts you out of resignation into possibility.

When you are anchored into a sense of possibility—what I call your “Love Power Center” —your desire becomes a magnet.

Because your Love Power Center is pretty sexy, isn’t it?

This Love Power Center is ALL about possibility.

When you are anchored there, you know happy, healthy love is waiting for you, just as you know there’s always air for you to breathe.

You know that you are worth knowing, worth loving, worthy of support.

You know that your needs are important and that others enjoy you and feel blessed to know you.

You know that you are a treasure and a gift, and that you need to do nothing to prove it.

You know that you live in a friendly universe and life is looking out for you—orchestrating chance meetings, synchronistic events, and all sorts of unforseen elements to support you.

Moving Into Your New Vision Of Infinite Possibility

Can you see how effortless it is to imagine yourself in a wildly different relationship when you are anchored in your Love Power Center?

When you are centered here, your desires become rich and succulent, taking on a life of their own to make you utterly magnetic to the love you want.

You move from “this can never happen to me” to “this is already mine and I am just calling it over!”

Your desires are no longer painful.

Because when you are connected to the truth of your power to create the love, intimacy, support, and closeness you desire, then the experience of feeling your desires is delicious.

There is a sense of anticipation, a healthy leaning in, an excitement, and a confidence that Life is up to something good.

Wake up the dormant longings within you—the ones you’ve shut down because of the disappointments you’ve experienced in love so far.

Then, with your newly-identified desires in place, you’ll anchor into your Love Power Center so you can actually create the relationship you’ve always wanted but never realized you could have.

You’ll start making new choices that will ultimately generate a completely different love story for you, no matter how defeated you’ve felt.

You’re going to amaze yourself as you feel those old longings within you rise up, signaling to you that your Love Power Center is alive, well, and ready for your miracle.

You will finally feel free to really want it all, and because of that, you’ll make it come alive right before your eyes.

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

P.S. Have you allowed yourself to dream big in love, only to have your hopes dashed?

Love becomes much smoother when you realize that disappointments are not indicators that you’re not worthy of your dreams—they’re just a normal part of life on the journey.

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