Make Your Noncommittal Man Suddenly Need You

Discover Why Men Go Cold In Relationships… And What To Do So Your Man Has That Burning Desire To Stay Close To You

Some women naturally understand what this “thing” is that I’m talking about and never come across some of the other common problems that other women run into again and again with men and relationships.

They have an actual SKILL that they use intuitively, which causes the men they’re with to PURSUE THEM and LEAD THEM into a committed and loving relationship.

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Isn’t that how it’s “supposed” to be anyhow?

It is.

But as you may know all too well, it doesn’t always work this way for some women. In fact, it only works this way with men if you know how to trigger specific emotions inside a man—and then keep that emotional response alive in a long-term relationship.

Understanding Him Is Key

Many smart, capable women—many of them my clients—have been at a loss as to why they fail so miserably when it comes to love. And that’s because not every woman in the world is born with the skill of knowing how to inspire a man in a long-term committed relationship.

Not every woman naturally “gets” how to keep things passionate and growing with a man more than a few months or so until the guy predictably pulls away or becomes distant and starts doubting things.

It’s at this moment that, for some women, the wheels come off completely—and they have no idea what to do about it to get things back on track. They feel hurt and unappreciated, which leads them to start doing and saying things that come from a “lesser” place inside them, ultimately pulling their relationship completely apart.

These things usually include:

  • Saying negative and critical things about the flaws they see in the man
  • Feeling sad and down about themselves
  • Constant worrying, analyzing and feeling bad, which gives them a heavy negative energy around the man
  • Becoming angry and blaming a man for not loving them or treating them the way they expect
  • Trying to convince a man to stay in the relationship by telling him what a great match they are

So let me ask you a very simple question…

Which situation sounds better to you:

A) Being a woman who “gets” certain things about a man that, in turn, gives you the ability to understand what a man is doing and why—and for you to be the kind of woman in a relationship that will make a man KNOW, with his FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, that he wants to be close and connected with you, and only you.


B) Being a woman who just doesn’t understand where a man is coming from and why everything has to be so difficult—and sensing that a man isn’t “there with you” and not having a man who “feels it” for you on an intense-passionate-gut-reaction-emotional-gotta-be-with-her-or-else kind of level.

Which situation sounds better to you?

And which has a higher potential for success when it comes to a real, loving, and lasting relationship?

Obviously, the first one. But which situation can you honestly identify with more?

Unfortunately, if you’re like many women who have come to me for help, then you identify more with the second situation.

Well, I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you.

Being The Woman He Yearns To Commit To

Do you know why men don’t ALWAYS go for and marry the “best woman?” (“Best” meaning the woman who’s the most generous, loving, patient, thoughtful, educated, successful, etc.)

It’s the same reason why women don’t go for the “nicest” guy.

The reason men don’t go for or stay with the better woman is that men aren’t making their choices “logically.” They make their choices because of the way they are FEELING.

A woman can be honest, stable, attractive, and wonderful. But a man commits to one woman because of the way he FEELS when he’s with her.

It all starts with knowing how to love yourself, attract a relationship-ready man, and create a love story to stand the test of time.

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I want you to take back your power when it comes to relationships.

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Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz

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