The Surprising Reason You Aren’t Finding Love Despite Going on a Lot of Dates

If you’ve been dating a lot but haven’t yet found love, there’s probably a every good reason.

In this article I’m going to reveal the TRUTH about why this is happening to you and what you can do about it, starting today.

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And the good news? It’s typically a very simple fix.

Before I do that, let’s first see if this describes you:

  • You go on a lot of first dates but you rarely get asked out on second dates
  • You don’t get why despite feeling a “connection” with a guy, he doesn’t call
  • You hate the same perfunctory, getting-to-know-you conversations with strangers
  • The men you like, don’t seem to like you and vice-versa
  • You often feel let down and disappointed after a date
  • You are so done waiting around for men to call, ask you out, make plans, follow through

If these describe you, let’s face it. You’re stuck in First Date Hell.

Your Love Life Is Like Groundhog Day, But With Disappointment and Rejection at the End of Each Date

What is First Date Hell? I’d describe it as Groundhog Day but for dating. (If you’ve ever seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about).

You meet a guy, think he’s cute and nice enough, go on a date with him, get your hopes up, and then feel utterly let down because he doesn’t ask you out again.

This happens to you over and over. And it’s so discouraging!

Not to mention confusing…

Is it men? Is it you? Is it the nature of dating in the 21st century, especially if you’re online dating? Is it something else?

There are times you may even feel like giving up on finding love all together. Maybe you’ll just focus on yourself for a while… recommit to your friendships or career.

But inevitably, you find yourself scrolling through online dating apps again, or you meet someone through a friend, and before you know it, the cycle starts all over again.

You really, truly want to meet Mr. Wonderful. You want to love and be loved.

You have so much to give. You want a fabulous man with whom to share a life.

And you KNOW that dating is the only way to get there.

“I Know EXACTLY Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet!!”

The thing that frustrates you is that you’re just not getting anywhere with dating.

And you wouldn’t be alone in your struggles.

So many smart, successful, amazing single women like you are utterly baffled why men aren’t calling or asking them out again.

When they call me and explain their situation, I get excited, because I know I can help them.

I say, “I know exactly why you haven’t found love yet! I know why men don’t usually ask you out again.

man kissing womans forehead

And it has NOTHING to do with the size of your thighs, your wit, or your age.”

I also know exactly what it takes to have a successful dating experience and really connect with a great guy instead of accidentally turning him off.

You see, this situation you’re in is the exact SAME situation SO many other women are in right now - for ALL the same reasons.

90% or more of my clients are approaching dating the SAME way.

They say the SAME things on a date.

They ask the man the SAME type of questions.

They wonder the SAME things during the date.

They worry about the SAME things after the date.

And then they experience the SAME results, which is that let-down and disappointment when a guy doesn’t call, doesn’t ask them out again, or acts wishy-washy about getting together.

Yeah, I get it why this feels so hard for most women.

It felt downright impossible for me when I was 46 and looked back on my utterly lackluster history of dating.

I had gone on what seemed like hundreds of first dates… but literally NO second dates. Then I spent years going on NO dates at all.

Here I was in my mid-40s and I had no prospects, no ideas, and almost no hope left.

The problem was, I was stuck because I was doing, saying and thinking those SAME THINGS, too!

Then I Discovered a DIFFERENT Way to Approach Dating, and Everything Changed for Me Overnight

And that’s when everything changed.

I consulted with therapists and dating coaches and other dating experts, and I finally saw clearly what I was doing wrong all those years.

WOW. It was so obvious..but I had failed to see it.

So what did I do? Pretty much the opposite of what I had assumed was supposed to “work” with men and dating.

And within 6 months of implementing this new, improved approach, I met, fell in love with, and married my husband—and became a first-time bride at the age of 47!

And here’s the best part: It wasn’t complicated at all!

Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies That Will Make All the Difference In Finding (and Falling In Love With) Mr. Wonderful

As a dating coach, I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching women how to make simple, yet powerful shifts in how they show up on dates that makes all the difference in their love lives.

I tell them why asking certain questions absolutely turns men off calling you again. I reveal the kind of conversations that make him feel magically drawn to you, and thinking about you for days afterward.

I give them my “secret sauce” of how to dazzle a guy on a date, so he can’t help but pursue you afterward.

couple having a conversation

And I explain how to “vet” a guy—by watching for certain things on the first few dates—so that you don’t get caught up emotionally with a man who can never be a good partner for you.

I’ve helped thousands of women find love with these skills and strategies and have helped them stay true to their values while gaining control of their dating life.

But since I can’t possibly work with every woman who needs this kind of help, I’ve partnered with Flourish so I can extend that help and guidance to as many women as possible.

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Bobbi Palmer

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