How to Attract a Man If You’re a Strong, Confident Woman

Dating can be a challenge if you’re strong, confident, successful women, because you can have a hard time connecting with men you’re really interested in. You’re bright, witty, and confident. Considering all your great qualities, why is it that the men you’re interested in, aren’t calling you back?

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What’s the issue? Is it that you really don’t know how to attract a man?

Knowing how to attract a man if you’re a strong, confident woman can be difficult. Why? According to dating expert, Evan Marc Katz, men like smart, confident women, but find a lot of their good qualities a huge turn-off.

So how can you be yourself and inspire the men you want to attract to want you?

Strong Women Are the New Nice Guy

Confident, Strong Woman on a date

Nice guys sometimes come across as very unattractive to certain women because nice guys are more willing to sacrifice their own personal power to gain approval from women.

Just like the nice guy, strong women can exude an unattractive quality when they try to attract a man. For example, confidence can easily turn into arrogance, directness can come across as bossy and controlling, and success can translate into workaholism. All of which can be off putting when we’re looking for how to attract a man.

Are You Exuding Everything He Doesn’t Want? Try Focusing on What Men Really Want

Man Interested In Beautiful Woman

Do you try to attract a man by focusing on your looks, your style, your accomplishments, your intelligence and success? If so, then you’re focusing on the wrong way to attract a man. Of course men love a beautiful, intelligent woman, but what they really want is to feel needed. They don’t want to feel that they need to compete with you to be the alpha in the relationship.

You can still be yourself in order to attract a man, but you’ll need to focus on how you make a man feel versus relying on your looks, confidence and strong independent nature. A man will be attracted to you based on how you make him feel.

If you’re able to make him feel needed and accepted for who he is you’ll find yourself attracting the kind of men you want to be around.

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