It’s Possible to Find a Relationship In Which You Feel Safe and Cherished. You Just Need To Do THIS:

Have you ever been with someone who made you feel like the two of you really belonged together?

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Like they completely “got” you, without you having to contort, pretend, or shrink your true self in any way?

If you have, you already know how enlivening and freeing that sort of relationship is.

It’s as if you can drop your shoulders, soften your belly, and just…love.

You’re not second-guessing the things you say. You’re completely comfortable expressing your deepest feelings and divulging your darkest secrets, because you know this person will listen and not judge you.

But what if you’ve never had that sort of relationship, but you dream that it’s possible?

You WANT to be with someone who makes you feel safe and cherished.

Why is it this kind of relationship—this kind of partner—so elusive?

Why do you keep falling for the wrong people for the wrong reasons?

Not sure? Then I suggest you keep reading, because in this article I’m going to explain the two biggest reasons why you haven’t yet found the type of relationship you long to have, and what can turn all that around for you fast.

2 Ways That Trying to Make Yourself “Attractive” for That One Special Person Messes Everything Up Instead

What typically happens when you meet someone who’s your “type”? When you get to know that one special person with whom you feel chemistry and sexual excitement?

Do you start to worry that they won’t like you the same way?

Do you find yourself acting more “chill” in order to not appear nervous or excited, and therefore, too eager?

Do you refrain from talking “too much”, which you tend to do when you’re excited and happy?

Do you force yourself to speak up and sound interested (or interesting) when all you want to do is sit back and quietly observe?

Do you deny your reluctance to participate in certain activities in order to appear “easy-going” and “agreeable”?

If so, you’re probably unconsciously HIDING parts of yourself because you really want this person to want you and love you.

But unfortunately, in trying to MAKE yourself more attractive to this person, you’re focusing on what is wrong with you. In the back of your mind, you may be asking yourself:

What are my undesirable qualities and traits?

How am I not flirting in the right way?

How do I make this person want me?

And so on.

And this situation messes everything up in 2 major ways:

  1. It lowers your self-esteem
  2. It makes you less discerning of the person you’re with

Here you are, trying so hard to be attractive and alluring, but instead you become less and less desirable because this person likely senses your self-judgemental vibe.

This is not a pleasant vibe to be around, nor does it allow the other person to relax and let down their guard, either.

(Have you ever been around someone who was trying to impress you? How did it make YOU feel?)

When you’re so focused on what this person is thinking and feeling (about you), you lose the ability to recognize whether or not this person is even a good fit for you, your values and your lifestyle.

So that sooner or later, the relationship may become strained and difficult. Or may even fall apart.

So if trying to “be attractive” to someone you’re interested isn’t a good strategy, what is?

The answer is embracing your authenticity.

Learn How To Take This Powerful Step

Let Your Authenticity—Not Games of Attraction—Lead the Way In Order to Find That Soul-Satisfying Love

The search for that soul-satisfying love where you feel like you belong and are completely adored and accepted ends at the threshold of complete authenticity.

This means letting go of your reliance on the “tricks” of attraction. It means letting go of clever scripts, “secret” flirting techniques, and becoming someone you’re not in order to “get” someone who isn’t right for you anyway.

Being completely authentic means embracing the fact that, for example, you’re a lot more sensitive than you lead on, or a lot more direct and irreverent than you’d like to admit—and either way, it’s okay, because it’s who you are!

Being completely authentic means letting a person get to know the darkest, most treasured, most sensitive parts of your nature and trusting that they’ll love you anyway.

That’s what deep, authentic love is about and it’s the best way you’ll find that soul-satisfying love you’re dreaming about.

Not by playing games, pretending or hiding—but by opening yourself up to the truth of who you are and letting go of the notion that you must become someone you’re not in order to find someone for YOU.

And I’d love to show you exactly HOW to do this…

Let Me Show You How to Accept and Cultivate the Most Beautiful Parts of You—So You Can Open the Door to Soul-Satisfying Love

In my private practice, I observed that those clients who had such a challenging time finding real love or healthy relationships were the ones who were most afraid to show their true selves, because they assumed that many of their qualities were inferior or “too much”.

It wasn’t until I was able to guide them to accept those qualities—qualities which were precious and beautiful gifts—that they finally began to relax and enjoy dating.

Qualities such as:

  • Honesty to a fault
  • Unshakeable loyalty
  • Sensitivity
  • Open-heartedness
  • Fierceness
  • A dark or silly sense of humor
  • Playfulness
  • And so on…

They relaxed because they knew that by leading with authenticity, they’d naturally attract the right person into their life.

Someone with whom they belonged, and someone who adored them without hesitation or prerequisites. Someone who was drawn to their fierceness, playfulness, silliness…

That’s when I knew I had created a process that I could teach to anyone, and make it available online. This process is contained in my program, Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path to Authentic Love.

Learn the Deeper Dating Process Here

This program will help you discover your authenticity, with all the beauty that’s hidden there, so you can open the doorway to that soul-satisfying, true love.

African couple beach kiss

It will be a revelation to see that you’ve been focusing on the wrong things when it comes to dating, and minimizing your most beautiful qualities—qualities that can actually help you naturally and effortlessly attract the right person for the right reasons.

You’ll learn tools that help dissolve and work past long-standing fears of revealing your authentic self, and find out the deeper truth of those fears. The more you learn to love those parts of yourself which you previously pushed down, the less scary (and the more beautiful) they become to you.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to naturally attract people who are more likely to appreciate and be drawn to who you really are.
  • A method to help you lose your taste for unhealthy relationships and be more intrigued by partners who have the emotional capacity to truly love you and commit to you.
  • How to tell the difference between attractions that lead to love and attractions that lead to pain.
  • A way to gain confidence in your ability to recognize a healthy relationship from the start.
  • How to recognize the single greatest saboteur of healthy, new love and avoid it.
  • And much, much more!

The concepts contained in Deeper Dating are so important that renowned researchers are beginning to put together a study to experience the effects of this work on single people. Amazing!

It’s all here:

Start Listening to Deeper Dating Now

I can’t wait to guide you on this most important journey of your adult life—the journey to intimacy and the search for true love.


Ken Page

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