Tired of Doing Everything “Right” And Still Not Finding The One?

Are you tired from getting your hopes up when it comes to dating?

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You’ve gone on so many dates, you can barely keep track, and still, you’re not in a relationship with anyone special right now.

You’ve done the online thing. You’ve asked your friends to fix you up. You’ve done a lot of self-help work on yourself to make sure you’re not carrying around any unresolved issues that are getting in your way.

And still, you haven’t met anyone you really want to be with, or, perhaps you have—but that person wasn’t interested in a relationship with YOU.

Or, maybe you did meet the person you thought you’d spend your life with, invested months or even years with them, only to have it all fall apart for some reason.

So when your friends and family keep asking if you’re still single, or if there’s anyone special in your life, and maybe even insinuating that you’re not trying, it just drives you a little bit bonkers.

As a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, I understand your plight. I’ve helped both singles and couples navigate their way through the often choppy waters of finding and keeping love.

I can tell you that you are certainly not alone.

You’ve Tried Everything You Can Think Of, and You’re Still Not Where You Want to Be

It’s not as if you haven’t tried everything you can think of to find love.

You have, and what’s more, you’ve experienced your share of rejection, disappointment, heartbreak and deep, painful loneliness.

You’re not sitting idly by, hoping a great relationship just falls in your lap. You ARE doing as much as you can do to make yourself available to the right person. But it’s just not working.

Throughout my 40 years of experience, I’ve met countless wonderful, smart, charming, caring, accomplished women struggle with one common complaint: they can’t seem to find a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Like you, these women don’t just want to settle for just anyone.

Just because a man is available and interested in YOU doesn’t mean you’re willing to agree to go out with him. If there isn’t a spark, no thank you.

You want passion, excitement, and real love. Not just a friendship. Not just someone with whom to pass the time. That’s not who you are.

That’s why you’re holding out…

You’re holding out for that one person who will be both your best friend and adoring lover. You’re holding out for someone who “gets” you, wants you, and will do anything to make you happy.

You’re holding out for someone who has integrity, honesty, and passion. Someone you can admire, and someone who is willing to go the distance with you.

You want what I call a “heroic love”—a relationship that exceeds your expectations.

That’s why you’ve put so much of your energy and effort into finding that relationship.

And yet, here you are, no closer to that heroic love that you were when you first started looking.

What I’ve Learned About Single Women Through 40+ Years of Clinical Psychotherapy Practice

While every situation is unique, and you have your own story to tell, I’ve learned that most women are dealing with the same set of core issues.

And these are the core issues that are keeping them from finding and keeping the kind of heroic love they long for.

You can’t see these core issues because you’re too close to them.

But I can.

Because of my 40+ years of experience, I have developed deep insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dating and finding true love.

I know what taints the possibility of an authentic connection even BEFORE you go on your first date with someone.

And what obstacles you’re likely to face in the first few weeks and months of dating that special person.

So yes, you’ve done everything you can think of to find and keep a great relationship with a good person.

But for something as important to so many people as creating and sustaining a long-term intimate relationship, a successful outcome must rely on a successful plan.

A plan that’s based on decades of helping other singles find and keep love.

A plan that’s RADICALLY different than anything else you may have already tried.

That’s where my program, Dating Rehab, can help.

The Blueprint To Finding, Creating and Keeping a Happy, Long-Term Relationship

When you go through the process of Dating Rehab, you’ll learn how to get to know and embrace the “real you,” and how to attract the love of your life by doing the opposite of most of the things singles do when they meet someone they’re excited about.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each section of the audio program:

Section 1: Why Is Dating and Finding Love So Hard?

  • Why modern dating is much more challenging than it used to be in the past, and why it’s fraught with so much anxiety and disappointment.
  • How societal changes have altered our views of dating, commitment, and sexuality and what that means for you in terms of finding lasting love.
  • A 5-step process that can help you clear the deep, emotional blocks that are holding you back from “getting out there” and staying open to finding love, so you can take the reins of your life and create what you DO want, instead of avoiding what you fear.

Section 2: Relationship Readiness

  • An eye-opening examination and discovery of who you are and what you have to offer your potential partner, including your “unique value proposition,” which is crucial in helping you find and attract the perfect partner and avoid dozens of the “wrong” ones.
  • What you need to know about men and what they’re looking for in a potential partner, what attracts them on a first date, what turns them off, and the kind of “mindset” that men find most alluring.
  • How to feel at peace with your romantic past, no matter how many disappointments you’ve had.
  • Unique ways to stand out from the competition if you’re doing online dating.
  • 3 keys to attracting real love, so you’re not stuck in only casual encounters and endless first dates that lead nowhere.
  • The 12 qualities to look for in a “keeper,” how to spot them and how to develop these same qualities in yourself, and how to know if you have any one of the 12 common personality characteristics that turn people off.

Section 3: A Radically Different Approach to Dating

  • The radically different approach to dating that will empower you and make you feel more relaxed and attractive, even around the men you think are the most your “type”.
  • Why the most common approach women have with dating doesn’t work and usually pushes quality men away, or creates a false connection that feels like “chemistry” but never lasts.
  • Why you must do the one thing you’re afraid to do when you meet a man you really want to impress.
  • What to do and what to avoid so you don’t limit your options and keep true romance from blossoming.
  • An exercise to examine and know your deal-breakers and stick to them, and why you need to do this even if you meet a man who knocks your socks off with his looks and personality.
  • A way to get the critical information you need about a man earlier on—ideally before a second date—and how to go about getting this information.

Section 4: First Impressions and Early Dates

  • 8 first date do’s and don’ts, including what types of questions to ask and what to avoid asking, how much to disclose about your past, and the rule-of-thumb about the kind of “tone” that can increase your chances of forging a genuine connection with your date.
  • 6 sample “scripts” that can create intimacy without making him feel like you’re interrogating him.
  • How to know if he’s really interested in you or if he’s just checking off the boxes on the first few dates.
  • The rule of “no negative surprises”: what to reveal and when about yourself and your past.
  • How to use email and texting to create a stronger connection with a man, as opposed to sending the wrong message and risking misunderstanding.

Section 5: Passing the 3-Month Mark

  • Why things with your partner may “cool down” after the initial honeymoon period of the first few weeks of dating, and how you can respond to this in a way that makes your relationship stronger.
  • The 6 principles of “Stay In Love” Couples—what certain couples do to relate to each other and keeps things fresh in order to overcome typical situations that unravel other, less resilient, relationships.
  • The 4 words that will help you remember the best way to communicate with your man when you have something sensitive to share or discuss with him, which will make it easy for your partner to hear you.
  • The right way to approach your partner when you want to know “where is this relationship going?” so he responds positively.
  • A simple way to get what you want without nagging or resenting your partner.
  • 7 red flags that indicate he’s reconsidering his commitment to you or may be considering breaking up with you.

Section 6: Making It Stick: The Crazy Glue of Relationships

  • The 9 signs from the first few months of dating that indicate you probably have found true love.
  • The 3 ways to pace your new relationship in order to increase the chances it will last.
  • How to avoid destructive “communication stoppers” so you can increase intimacy with your partner and “glue” your relationship.
  • The factors that let you and your partner know you’re both ready for marriage, and the rules for when to start bringing up this topic.

And finally, Section 7, which is the last section, and recaps the principles in the program and shows you how to retain what you’ve learned.

So as you can see, Dating Rehab isn’t your typical dating “tips and tricks” program. It’s far more powerful, because it’s based on principles of psychotherapy as well as real clinical results.

It’s much more comprehensive, and goes far beyond strategies for the early stages of dating. It gives you a wider view of what love should look like AFTER dating, which will start you off with a huge advantage. Here’s where to learn more and start listening:

Finally Find Love

This is why I encourage you to not give up hope, because in my experience, it’s right at that moment when you think it’s never going to happen everything changes, and you finally break through whatever barriers were standing in the way between you and your forever love.

I look forward to helping you through that process.

Dr. Randi

Dr. Randi Gunther

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  • The truth about chemistry and attraction
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