Expert Advice For Navigating The Challenges of Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all of our lives, creating unprecedented challenges and anxieties. The entire Flourish team wants to help, so we put together this resource that provides actionable tools and advice to help you reduce anxiety, manage new parenting stressors, and find inner peace and positivity amid the uncertainty.
We’ll continue to add new resources here and on our Facebook page. We can get through this… one deep breath, loving gesture and day at a time.
  • Margaret Paul – Conflict
    How To Resolve Relationship Conflict

    Being stuck at home with your partner during this difficult time might create extra conflicts in your relationship. Here’s a simple tool explained by Dr. Margaret Paul, on how you can handle high stress and thrive as a couple.

  • Bobbi Palmer – Distance Dating During Corona
    Learn Why Now Is The BEST Time To Date Online

    Don’t let social distancing put your love life on hold. There are some real “plusses” to our unique situation. Dating expert Bobbi Palmer shares some seriously useful tips for doing distance dating right!

  • How to Thrive Emotionally and Physically During the COVID-19 Crisis
    Thrive Emotionally and Physically During the COVID-19 Crisis

    This is a stressful, frightening time for many of us. When you notice your thoughts are spinning out of control, and you’re beginning to get tense, anxious, or even freaking out, this advice from Dr. Margaret Paul can help.

  • Get Your Kids to Open Up About Their Feelings (About Coronavirus)
    Get Your Children to Open Up About Their Feelings

    Are your children withdrawn because of what’s happening with the coronavirus crisis? How can you get them to open up and share how they’re feeling? For one thing, you don’t want to make THIS mistake…

  • Marci Shimoff – Inner Voice
    Is Your “Inner Voice” Robbing Your Happiness?

    Left unchecked, the voice in our head can be a source of pain, anxiety and overall unhappiness. Happiness expert, Marci Shimoff explains how to intentionally inject positivity into your thoughts and, in turn, your life.

  • 5 Reasons Corona May Be Good for Your Love Life
    5 Reasons Corona May Be Good for Your Love Life

    So much has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is taking preemptive precautions. If you’re single and dating, should you cancel your love life, too? Dating expert, Evan Marc Katz says absolutely not!

  • FREE “Distance Dating” Guidebook
    Why There’s Never Been a BETTER Time to Date!

    The coronavirus crisis doesn’t mean you have to put your love life (and your dreams) on hold. You just need to get creative and make some tweaks. Find out why NOW is the perfect time to meet your Special Guy!

  • The Secrets to Stress-free Homeschooling
    The Secrets to Stress-free Homeschooling

    Worried about your kids falling behind in their education because of the COVID-19 crisis? Feeling overwhelmed because you have no experience with homeschooling? Here’s a perspective that will keep you and your kids sane in this stressful time.

  • Sue Morter – Midnight Anxiety Wakeup
    Middle Of The Night Anxiety Waking You Up? Do This.

    Doctor Sue Morter explains why you shouldn’t get out of bed when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night. There is something much more productive you can be doing right from your bed. She’ll walk you through it here.

  • Kids, Screentime, and Corona… What Should Parents Allow?
    Kids, Screentime, and Corona… What Should Parents Allow?

    Now that your kids are at home all day, how should you handle screen time, especially if you’re relying on screens to keep your kids engaged while you work? Compassionate advice for overwhelmed parents…

  • Marci Shimoff – Gratitude
    Regaining Inner Peace In Challenging Times

    Most of us spend a lot of time focused on the “problems” COVID-19 causes in our day-to-day lives. What if instead, we followed Marci Shimoff’s advice to focus on one of the fastest-tracks to happiness & inner peace: GRATITUDE.

  • Do You Want To “Social Distance” From Your Partner?
    Do You Want To “Social Distance” From Your Partner?

    You’re locked down at home with your partner and you’re getting on each other’s nerves more than ever! Dr. Pat Love explains the surprising reason behind all this tension and fighting and what to do about it.

  • Sue Morter – Meditation Tips
    Beginner Tips For Starting A Meditation Practice

    Starting a meditation practice can be intimidating. It’s hard to know where to begin or how to make it stick. Dr. Sue Morter shares some tips on what might work for you based on your unique learning style.

  • The Most Important Advice for Parents During COVID-19
    The Most Important Advice for Parents During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis has completely altered family life. Here’s the most important thing you need to remember at this unprecedented time about how to keep yourself centered and calm and make sure your kids feel safe and loved.

  • Hendricks – Breathing Exercise
    Restore Calm With This Breathing Exercise

    Our breath has the power to heal us and restore calm – a great resource during Covid-19 uncertainty. We hope you’ enjoy this free video demonstration of the “Centering Breath” from expert Dr. Gay Hendricks.

  • Ken Page – Meditation
    Guided Meditation – Accessing Your Inner Mentor

    Practice this empowering, deeply healing 10-minute meditation from Ken Page. He’ll teach you a powerful process to access your inner wisdom. It’s something you can do anytime when you’re worrying or struggling.

  • Susan Stiffelman – How to Talk to Kids
    Talking To Your Kids About The Coronavirus

    Practical advice on how to provide accurate, yet appropriate, information to your kids during this time. Susan Stiffelman explains how to be a much-needed source of comfort to them as events unfold.

  • Margaret Paul – Controlling Behavior
    Ways We Try To Control Others When Stressed

    Worried about your relationship during “lockdown?” In stressful times it’s natural for “controlling behaviors” to be more pronounced. Do you know how to identify ways YOU try to control? It doesn’t always look the way you’d expect.

  • Susan Stiffelman
    Parenting Through The Corona Crisis

    School closed, kids at home, parents stressed and overwhelmed. Get the practical advice you need to address your biggest challenges: managing family anxiety, homeschooling, and everything in between.

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