Simple Changes You Can Make—RIGHT NOW—That Will Make Dating Fun And Lead You To Mr. Wonderful

Time-tested, Proven, Strategies That Will Get You Out Of The Dating Grind And Into The Arms of Your Beloved
Learn the Skills to Spark Attraction on Dates So You Can Win the Heart of the Right Man

What’s the difference between a first date that leaves a man saying, “Wow, I NEED to see her again!” and one that falls completely flat?

Why is it that so many women have no problem meeting a great guy and falling in love… while you continue to struggle to even get a second date?

Why don’t men pursue YOU?

Want to know the secret? It’s all about skills.

Bobbi Palmer

Internationally-recognized dating coach helping women over 40 finally find lasting love

It’s knowing what kind of things to say on a first date, and what to avoid saying.

It’s what kinds of questions you ask and the way you listen or change the subject.

It’s about the way you prepare before you go on a date, and it’s about what you do or don’t do after a date.

You know what it’s NOT about?

Your looks. Your accomplishments. Your intelligence and knowledge of current events. Your dress size.

The difference between having countless first dates with strangers you never see again, and having a dream relationship with Mr. Wonderful, is simply having the skills to WOW him on the first few dates so he decides this is a woman I need in my life.

Unfortunately, so many women don’t have these skills, nor do they even know what these skills consist of.

They’re just “winging it” on dates.

No judgment here, after all, there’s no such thing as “dating school”. Women don’t usually learn the do’s and don’ts of dating from parents or even friends.

Which means they’re failing to spark the kind of connection and attraction that makes Mr. Wonderful EXCITED about the possibility of seeing them again and truly getting to know them.

Even Smart, Successful, Amazing Women Are Sometimes Baffled By Men Who Never Ask Them Out Again

Every day, I hear from smart, successful, amazing single women who are utterly baffled why men aren’t calling or asking them out again.

They’re fed up with tiresome dating games but at the same time longing to meet a good man and fall passionately in love.

Maybe you can relate?

  • You’ve been on dozens of first dates but very few (if any) second dates.
  • You’re bored with the same getting-to-know-you conversations with strangers.
  • You don’t want to settle for Mr. Boring, but you’ve been ghosted too many times by Mr. Exciting.
  • You’re so over “waiting around” for a man to call you, ask you out, or follow up.
  • You’re starting to lose hope that there are any good single guys left out there.
  • Or you suspect you know why men aren’t calling, but it’s too painful to admit to yourself.
  • So you feel stuck, exhausted, or defeated!

On one hand, you know that the only way you’re going to meet your Mr. Wonderful is if you get yourself “out there” and meet men and date.

But on the other hand, you’re so done with going on dates only to feel disappointed YET AGAIN when a guy doesn’t ask you out again or tells you (later) that he doesn’t feel any chemistry with you—even though you thought you had fun and were attracted to each other.

For you, dating is full of uncertainty and anxiety-provoking doubts about your ability to find and attract a great guy.

If this describes you, I am so glad you’re reading this!

I’ve seen the same situation play out for thousands of women (including ME, for decades, before I met my husband).

All kinds of women, of different ages and backgrounds, divorced, never-married, widowed, contact me and most want to know:

“Why am I not having any success with dating or finding a man who wants me?”

And when they ask me that, I get excited, because I know I can help them.

I want to scream from the rooftops…

I Know EXACTLY Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet!!

Not only do I know why you haven’t found love, I know exactly what it takes to have a successful dating experience and really connect with a great guy instead of accidentally turning him off.

You see, this situation you’re in is the exact SAME situation SO many other women are in right now - for ALL the same reasons.

I’ve been coaching women on dating for more than 15 years, and this is what I’ve concluded:

90% or more of my clients are approaching dating the SAME way.

They say the SAME things on a date.

They ask the man the SAME type of questions.

They wonder the SAME things during the date.

They worry about the SAME things after the date.

And then they experience the SAME results:

  • The guy doesn’t call or ask them out again
  • Or if he does, he’s wishy-washy about seeing them again
  • Or he strings them along for a while before ghosting them
  • Or flat-out admits that he’s NOT interested or attracted, even though they seemed to have a connection

Ugh! I get it why this feels so hard for most women.

It felt downright impossible for me when I was 46 and looked back on my utterly lackluster history of dating.

I had gone on what seemed like hundreds of first dates… but literally NO second dates. Then I spent years going on NO dates at all.

Here I was in my mid-40s and I had no prospects, no ideas, and almost no hope left.

The problem was, I was stuck because I was doing, saying and thinking those SAME THINGS, too!

Then I Discovered a DIFFERENT Way to Approach Dating

And that’s when everything changed.

I consulted with therapists and dating coaches and other dating experts, and I finally saw clearly what I was doing wrong all those years.

WOW. It was so obvious..but I had failed to see it.

So what did I do? Pretty much the opposite of what I had assumed was supposed to “work” with men and dating.

And within 6 months of implementing this new, improved approach, I met, fell in love with, and married my husband—and became a first-time bride at the age of 47!

man and woman looking into each other eyes

And here’s the best part: It wasn’t complicated at all!

I simply had different conversations on a date. At certain moments I listened more and in other key moments, I spoke more.

I asked different questions than I’d normally ask. I adopted a different attitude that completely shifted how I came across to a guy and how I felt about him.

I stopped being afraid of opening up and showing the “real me” and learned that was exactly what would attract the men I wanted to see again.

And it made ALL the difference.

Dating was much more fun. I naturally got clearer about whether a man was right for me.

I stopped worrying about what the guy was thinking or whether he liked me or not. I paid more attention to what I was feeling and experiencing.

Dating became so much less anxiety-provoking.

The men I liked actually called me and asked me out again. It felt like the clouds had lifted. I had hope again.

With these new strategies in place, I met the man of my dreams.

And within six months, we were married.

These Insights Have Helped Thousands of My Clients Find the Kind of Love They Always Dreamed About, Too

I’m so glad I went through what I went through in order to find true love.

It helped me realize things I would have never realized otherwise.

And now, when I share these specific insights with my clients, they report that their entire experience of dating transforms overnight, too.

They finally “get” what it was they were doing wrong all those years they were single and struggling. And surprisingly, it had nothing at all to do with:

  • Their accomplishments or education
  • Their age
  • Their independence, ambition or intelligence
  • The size of their thighs

None of these things were EVER a problem, much to their relief. It’s just that they were making some key mistakes with men on dates. These mistakes were either pushing men away or failing to spark their interest.

These were mistakes that led the men they dated to thinking they were too pushy, too needy, too critical, unfriendly and uninterested—even when that was FURTHEST from the truth!

The Good News Is That You Can EASILY Change Your Experience of Dating—Overnight

The good news is that these changes are totally DOABLE.

Once you implement the same simple strategies I finally learned to find and marry my husband (and went on to teach thousands of women in exactly your shoes!) you’ll effortlessly become one of “those” women who seem to captivate men from the very first date.

You’ll get asked out and pursued.

Men will appreciate you and want you.

You’ll end up in wildly exciting and fulfilling relationships with men you would have otherwise NEVER have seen again if you’d been approaching dating the “usual” way.

The thing is, it’s not that complicated to make these subtle, small changes that get you dramatic results. It doesn’t take much to become the kind of woman for whom dating is a breeze and to whom men are inexplicably drawn.

man and woman walking arm around shoulder

I know, because I hear countless success stories from my clients who have learned and are using these techniques:

  • Women who resigned themselves to being single forever met their Forever Man and got engaged within months.
  • Women who were too shy to even say “Hi” to an attractive man, let alone strike up a conversation, started engaging in playful, flirty conversations on dates.
  • Women who assumed they weren’t attractive enough or young enough ended up in love with wonderful men who were utterly devoted to them. Turns out their dress size or age had nothing to do with it!
  • Women who told themselves they were “too picky” ended up in relationships with men who made them happier than they’ve ever been.
  • And women who thought they just had a “bad picker” learned how to select the right man and ended up with stable, mature and emotionally available men.

And all because of a few simple tweaks to their dating approach and strategy!

These same strategies will help you finally ease into that passionate, forever relationship with the man of your dreams.

It’s Like Hiring a Professional Dating Coach to Help You See What You Cannot See (About Yourself and Men)

It’s hard to “see” the full picture when we’re actively going through the motions of typical dating. We’re simply too close to the situation.

We assume we’re doing things “right” or the way they “should” be done. We don’t have that lens with which to really SEE how we’re coming across to men, or what it is that we need to be doing differently.

We simply can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes!

You may have even pondered hiring a professional to help guide you—a dating coach like me—but decided you couldn’t afford to pay upwards of $200 an hour for that kind of advice.

Or maybe you’re just not ready to take that step.

If so, there is still a way that you can benefit from the expert guidance and advice of an experienced dating coach… and for a fraction of the cost! Because I’ve put together my top tips and strategies all in one place, for the incredibly affordable price of $14.97.

My eBook, Winning Mr. Wonderful: Dating Secrets To Spark Attraction And Capture His Heart, is a collection of my best tips, tricks, strategies and how-to’s for what to do and say before, during, and after a date, based on 15 years of professional experience as a dating coach for women.

In Winning Mr. Wonderful, you’ll learn:

  • Six reasons you should have certain type of conversations on dates and why asking the wrong kinds of questions can compel a man to never call you again
  • 10 tips for talking to him in a way he likes, so he won’t be able to wait to see you again.
  • The #1 reason some men talk too much on dates and what it really means about YOU when a man does this.
  • How to know if your expectations of him are what’s causing you to fail in finding Mr. Wonderful.
  • 4 ways to flirt with him that won’t make you uncomfortable or lead to him getting the “wrong idea” about you.
  • 15 ways to dazzle a man on a date so that he wants to see you again very soon.
  • The one thing you can stop doing to improve your dates AND relationships with men.
  • The one simple thought that will change everything about the way you approach dating.
  • 9 ways to make your dates fun and energized in the first ten minutes, so you don’t bore each other to death.
  • How to avoid dating burnout by “dating like a man”.
  • How you may be spoiling perfectly lovely dates with perfectly lovely men and don’t even know it.
  • The #1 killer of good dates and relationships and how to stop doing it starting NOW.
  • What shoe horns and bad dates have in common.
  • And much more!

You’ll literally get some of the same transformative advice I give my clients when they work with me at a tiny fraction of the cost of personalized one-on-one coaching.

This is a no-brainer, people!

If you’ve raked your brain wondering why he’s not calling, why sometimes you feel a connection with a guy and he disappears, or why you’re just not getting any second, third or fourth dates even when you’re SURE he’s into you, this is the guidance you absolutely need!

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Secrets Of Attraction That Will Dazzle Your Dream Man

90 pages of mindset shifts and irresistible tactics to win him over

The truths about dating you need to know -- delivered with humor, compassion and “real talk”

What to do before, during and after dates to draw him close

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Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Love Is Closer Than You Think!

You probably know by now that Mr. Wonderful isn’t going to magically show up at your door one day with a dozen roses and a ring.


You have to get yourself out there, meet some fabulous men and make it happen!

man and woman kissing woman on forehead sunset

And yes, I get that you’ve already been doing that, sometimes for years, and it hasn’t exactly worked out the way you had hoped.

But…with the tips and insights you’ll learn in Winning Mr. Wonderful, you won’t have to suffer through another fruitless, boring, go-nowhere date.

You’ll have a much more interesting experience AND effortlessly dazzle Mr. Wonderful at the same time.


You’ll stop second-guessing yourself.

You’ll stop waiting around for a man to call you or ask you out.

You’ll have fun trying out my attraction and flirting techniques.

You’ll have so much more clarity to know if he’s a good match for you or not from date #1.

You’ll relax knowing that it’s all going to work out the way it’s supposed to.

And before you know it, all those years of bad dates and feeling rejected and confused will be behind you. You’ll be in the arms of your beloved at long last.

Trust me. It’s really that simple.


Bobbi Palmer

Secrets Of Attraction That Will Dazzle Your Dream Man

90 pages of mindset shifts and irresistible tactics to win him over

The truths about dating you need to know -- delivered with humor, compassion and “real talk”

What to do before, during and after dates to draw him close

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Special Price: only $14.97