How To Connect With Your Spiritual Guidance for a Life Driven By Loving Wisdom And Your Deepest Truth

Watch Stress, Anxiety & Self-Doubt Melt Away When You Learn to Trust The All-Knowing Energy of The Universe
Stop Listening To Your Fearful, Wounded Self and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Are you living a life directed by your ego WOUNDED SELF or your HIGHER GUIDANCE?

Your answer to this question determines whether your life is one of struggle and self-doubt, or contentment and inner peace.

Here’s how you know:

When living from your WOUNDED SELF, you spend a lot of time upset about all that is wrong in your life.

Dr. Margaret Paul

Best-selling author and co-creator of the six-step Inner Bonding process

Maybe you ruminate obsessively worrying about what to do if things get worse.

Your day could easily get ruined when someone does something you believe to be unloving or thoughtless. You vent and complain about them to anyone who will listen.

Or you turn to a glass of wine or a cigarette because you need to “chill.”

When someone is angry at you, you’re instantly defensive, saying mean-spirited things you regret later. Or maybe in the moment you freeze, then beat yourself up later about all the clever things you should have said in response.

When first meeting someone, you tighten up because you’re so worried they won’t like you. Are you saying the right things?

Talking too much? Being too quiet? Do you sound dumb? Arrogant? Naïve?

You can’t seem to relax around people you just met, and wonder if your long-time friends secretly judge you behind your back.

Living from your WOUNDED SELF feels like your life lacks purpose. But regardless of how much you “work” at it, you can’t seem to manifest the things you yearn for: marriage, children, financial security, personal freedom, improved health, a bigger house, a more satisfying career.

And, your wounded self always wants to cast blame:

It’s because you had terrible parents.

It’s because the people in your life are rude and clueless.

It’s because of the economy / the current political system / the rules at your company / the moral failures of society.

The wounded self never wants to take responsibility.

It’s always searching and striving for more but is never content.

You’re Either Living Life Guided by Fear and Self-Doubt, or by Truth and Love

Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes… and imagine the complete opposite of what you just read…a life that feels wonderfully peaceful and effortless, completely joyful—that’s how life feels when you are following your HIGHER GUIDANCE.

Woman Meditating

When you live your life from your higher guidance, you rest in knowing that there’s a wise, benevolent force always looking out for you and guiding you toward your greatest good.

You have a profound sense of purpose. Your life is filled with meaning and magic.

You are solidly comfortable in your own skin. Others’ opinions don’t ruffle you whatsoever because you completely trust yourself.

You are confident and relaxed that the decisions you make are in your best interest and highest good, even during uncertain or scary times.

You attract the things your heart desires, marveling at happy coincidences and serendipitous encounters. You put a desire “out there” and can’t believe how it just shows up in your life weeks, months or years later.

You do what’s best and most loving for yourself, regardless of others’ expectations of you.

You revel in your relationships even when you have the occasional disagreements. You are incredibly grateful for the people in your life because you know that each and every one of them has brought you closer to knowing who YOU are as a person.

You’re patient, almost always kind, frequently generous. You’re at peace knowing that everything in your life is exactly as it should be, even if life’s current circumstances are challenging or even painful.

You enjoy living in the present, connected to yourself, others, nature…not concerning yourself with what might be.

And you never feel alone, even if you’re by yourself.

There’s a Powerful Truth About Your Life You Might Be Completely Unaware Of

Maybe up until reading this, you didn’t even know you had a higher source of loving guidance.

Or that you are connected to a greater source of wisdom and intelligence than you can ever imagine.

But what is higher guidance?

It is an energy that is both all AROUND us and WITHIN us.

Different people call this different things. You may call it Source, Universe, God, Spirit or Soul. You can choose to call it whatever you want.

You don’t have to be religious to know and experience this truth about yourself.

You don’t even have to believe in God.

Whatever you choose to call it, this connection to a never-ending source of unconditional love and wisdom is available to you at all times.

It is your connection to the DIVINE.

Your Connection to This Spiritual Source of Love and Wisdom Is Available to You Anytime, Anywhere, Whenever You Need It

And yet, like most, you might not even realize this incredible power is within you.

You go about your daily life not giving a single thought to your Divine nature.

As a result, you can sometimes feel so alone, so abandoned by life… unsure if the path you’re on is the right one; whether you’re fulfilling your highest purpose or just going through the motions.

You turn to friends and family for advice because you want to feel validated and supported. But then you doubt their advice, too—because they don’t “get” you or your unique issue.

You pick away at your problems, year after year, yearning for answers that never seem to come.

It’s as if the more you seek answers, the less you’re even sure you’re asking the right questions.

If higher guidance is supposed to be available to you anytime, anywhere, what’s blocking you from accessing it?


The Wounded Self Blocks You From Your Deepest Truth and Highest Good

Your WOUNDED SELF is that part of your psyche that holds all the painful memories and toxic emotions that developed in childhood. It is a barrier to being present and experiencing your higher guidance and spiritual essence.

In order to connect with a higher source of wisdom you have to move beyond the wounded self.

Woman Calm And Carefree

Why? Because our wounded self can’t offer us the truth of who we are or what’s in our highest good.

Here’s why:

When we were born, our highest priority was survival. We went about learning how to make sure that we survived physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our mind created the wounded self as our primary instrument of survival.

The wounded self informed us about whom we needed to control in order to avoid pain and get love.

In this process, we developed many limiting beliefs, as well as fears and behaviors that resulted from these beliefs.

These beliefs, stored in the amygdala, an organ in the lower part of the brain, governed our lives as we were growing up and they govern our lives now.

For example, most of us believe that:

  • We are fundamentally alone.
  • We can think and rationalize our way to happiness and inner peace.
  • We have to control others in order to avoid pain and get love.
  • Others are responsible for our happiness and well-being.
  • We are not responsible for our painful feelings.

We came to believe that these stored programmed thoughts were true, because they had helped us to survive.

During this process, our higher guidance had to take a back seat. It had to wait patiently while we attempted to learn to survive.

We grew up and we did survive.

But now that you’ve made it past childhood, don’t you want life to be more than just survival?

Trusting Your Higher Guidance Can Lead You to a Life That’s Infinitely Easier, More Joyful and Abundant

It took a while before I became open to hearing the voice of my higher guidance and trust that it was telling me things that were in my highest good.

Over and over, I would ask:

  • “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?
  • With whom should I spend my time?
  • What shall I eat that’s best for my body?
  • Where shall I live?”

Every time I listened to my higher guidance, my life got easier and more abundant.

I manifested a lifestyle that brought me profound happiness. Financial freedom. A home in the country, a lifelong “Golden Girls” friendship, and work I loved that helps others.

When I ate the way my inner wisdom told me to eat, I had better health and more energy.

When I tuned in to my higher guidance, I avoided disastrous circumstances and even saved my own life!

When I connected with my Divine nature, my relationships improved and I attracted more loving people into my life.

When I shared these stories with my clients, they would say, “But I don’t know how to access that side of myself. I keep falling back into thinking and it doesn’t get me where I want to be.

Is it supposed to be this hard?”

So I started to pay close attention to what it was that made it possible to access the voice of my higher guidance…

Or made it easier to fall back on the messages of my wounded self.

And what I discovered was that what I was doing that facilitated that connection to my higher guidance wasn’t hard at all!

It’s actually quite simple to access your source of higher guidance and experience more peace and ease in all areas of your life.

You just have to know the exact habits and practices that will open you up to the “frequency” (or energetic vibration) of your higher guidance.

Although this information is powerful, it’s not intuitive.

Woman Feeling Free

Letting go of the messages of the wounded self in order to allow our higher guidance to lead us toward an easier life is not something we’re taught in school or growing up.

And it takes persistence.

The wounded self doesn’t want to relinquish control.

It will tell us connecting with our higher guidance is too hard, too boring, too simple, or not simple enough!

It will tell us that we don’t need higher guidance and that we’re just “making it up”.

Yet, if we can learn how to distinguish the voice of TRUTH from those limiting beliefs and desperate tricks of the wounded self, we can experience profound peace and effortless joy like we’ve never known.

We can actually trust our life!

I was confident that these skills, this process of connecting with higher guidance, was something I could teach to others.

That’s when I decided to create an entire program to teach you, step-by-step, how to connect with your Divine nature, stop listening to your wounded self, unlock your inner wisdom, and never feel alone again.

Introducing Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom: Live Your Life Guided By Loving Wisdom And Your Deepest Truth to Experience Inner Peace

In the last 36 years that I have worked with clients to help them heal their difficult emotions, I’ve concluded that there is no real healing without a personal connection with a source of spiritual guidance, love and wisdom.

If you don’t know HOW to connect with your source of spiritual guidance, you get stuck. You revert to listening to the wounded self, which always creates more painful feelings and outcomes.

But when you know how to connect and listen to your source of spiritual guidance and inner wisdom, you find that you can more effectively transform and heal difficult emotions because you know EXACTLY what loving actions to take for both your highest good and that of others.

This is why I created Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom: Live Your Life Guided By Loving Wisdom And Your Deepest Truth—to help you learn how to open yourself up to your Divine nature and higher guidance by choosing certain habits, creative pursuits, activities and even food that will raise your spiritual “frequency.”

When you raise your frequency to UNBLOCK your inner wisdom, you’ll begin to trust your feelings as opposed to being debilitated by them.

You’ll know what to do to release fear, anxiety, and worry.

You’ll effortlessly manifest the life of your dreams because you’ll have direct access to the intelligence and wisdom of the Universe.

You’ll be able to identify the actions and decisions that are in your highest good, so you can relax knowing that even if you have to make a difficult choice or take an uncomfortable action—it’s ultimately the right thing to do.

You’ll learn how to develop and fine-tune your intuition, so you’ll know almost immediately whether a situation or a person is potentially toxic or healthy, so you can avoid years of heartbreak or stress from committing to the wrong person or job.

You’ll be able to worry less and enjoy life more, because you’ll be confident that even if something “feels hard” in the moment, it’s the most loving and appropriate thing that you can be doing for yourself and others.

You’ll enjoy greater physical health because you’ll learn what foods degenerate your health and well-being and which ones promote vitality.

Most of all, you’ll never have to feel alone in life because you’ll always have that connection with Source, that energy that’s always looking out for you and guiding you and conversing with you. It’s like always having a loving adult there with you, comforting and steady, making sure that you never feel unloved, unworthy, or lost.

The journey my video program, Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom, will take you on may possibly be one of the most transcendent experiences you’ll ever have in your life.

You’ll learn skills that will enable you to connect with your higher guidance and unlock the inner wisdom that is your birthright, so you can release yourself from anxiety and worry, trust yourself 100% and never feel alone again.

Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom: Live Your Life Guided by Loving Wisdom and Your Deepest Truth is a 30-day video program, in which you’ll learn the processes, skills, practices, and lifestyle choices that will enable you to easily connect with your higher guidance.

You get:

  • 30 daily videos released a day at a time that teach you, step-by-step, what to do that day that will help you let go of the blocks of the “mind” that get in the way of inner wisdom. You’ll learn methods and techniques for opening yourself up to your Divine nature and a more peaceful, bliss-filled state.
  • Written instructions with details about each day’s lesson that you can study and refer to again and again as much as you’d like.
  • Daily action steps and exercises to help you practice and integrate what you’re learning.

As you go through the 30-day program, you’ll realize a level of spiritual awakening you’ve never known before.

Your troubles will seem inconsequential compared to your ability to access the grand truth about your life: That you are connected to—and supported by—the ultimate source of love and wisdom in the universe.

Here’s What Else You’ll Learn In This Transformative Program:

  • How to be more fully present to the peace and joy of your higher guidance / spirit / inner wisdom by letting go of the habits of your thinking mind, which always results in anxiety, worry, tension, fear, and self-judgement.
  • The most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to accessing Guidance, and how to use this tool every time you sense yourself being distracted by food, sex, drugs, alcohol, social media and other destructive addictions.
  • 10 simple, free, pleasant things you can do today to raise your frequency and help you access your inner wisdom.
  • How to know if your current beliefs about spirituality or god may be blocking you from fully connecting with your higher guidance.
  • 2 ways your thoughts lower your frequency and therefore keep you from accessing your spiritual side.
  • A specific food you may have been told was “healthy” that is unbelievably toxic and keeping you fatigued or chronically ill—conditions that not only take away from your quality of life, but also keep you from being fully present with your higher guidance.
  • The feelings you may have that let you know instantly whether you’re “on course” or “off course” when it comes to connecting with higher guidance.
  • What you ate that may be causing you to wake in the middle of the night in intense agitation, and which foods will calm your nervous system and raise your frequency.
  • The connection between your gut and your frequency: The surprising connection between your gut health and your brain health, and foods that you can add to your diet that will balance your body and keep you vital.
  • What to do if you know you have a resistance to being controlled or told what to do —which could be blocking you from connecting with your Divine nature.
  • A specific way to use your imagination to access an unlimited source of information and truth, so you can make decisions and take actions that you can feel confident about.
  • The lie your ego tells you about life that keeps you stuck in a cycle of struggle and disappointment and the one thing that can shift you out of ego and into a state of love and contentment.
  • The wrong kind of questions to ask your Guidance, and why these types of questions are actually constructs of the ego thinking mind.
  • How your traumatic childhood experiences may have conditioned you to disconnect from your feelings and therefore, your higher guidance, and what you can do to heal from the neglect and abuse of your past.
  • What it means to be on a spiritual journey or path, and why it’s the only way to true inner peace, joy and safety.
  • And so much more!

Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom: Live Your Life Guided by Loving Wisdom and Your Deepest Truth is an in-depth program that reveals the little-known truths about why we stay stuck in tension and anxiety, and the practices and lifestyle choices that allow you to easily access your inner wisdom and experience inner peace.

Here’s how this program is structured and what you’ll be learning:

Days 1-6

Days 1-6

What Is Higher Guidance and What Prevents Us From Connecting With It?

  • What exactly is god / spirit / higher guidance? How does it differ from the religious beliefs you may have grown up learning?
  • The common blocks to connecting with higher guidance and inner wisdom, including the foods you may be eating that are causing you fatigue and brain fog, as well as lowering your ability to connect with your higher guidance.
  • How to use your imagination to access the vast amount of information and truth that is at our disposal from spirit.
Days 7-13

Days 7-13

Raising Your Frequency and Trusting Guidance

  • Strategies for raising your frequency and keeping it high so it’s easier to access your Divine nature and higher guidance.
  • Learn to trust your Guidance and know whether or not the messages you’re receiving are indeed from your Guidance or from your thinking mind.
  • How to practice staying present and mindful in order to reduce distractions to your Guidance.
  • The difference between mind, soul and intuition and ways to seek and discern Truth from the destructive messages of the wounded self (mind).
Days 14-20

Days 14-20

Ways In Which Guidance Speaks to Us

  • The specific ways that your Guidance and inner wisdom speak to you and how to listen and trust what it tells you.
  • What the “dark night of the soul” is and what to do if you feel disconnected from God or your Divine nature.
  • Ways to practice self-appreciation instead of self-judgment and define your self-worth.
  • How to lessen your fear of death and see it as something beautiful and transcendent.
Days 21-30

Days 21-30

How to Use Higher Guidance to Manifest the Things You Desire

  • Why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you and the secret to manifestation that few people know about.
  • How your mind or wounded self may be sabotaging your efforts to manifest the things you want in life.
  • Why you may have low self-worth and what to do to access a source of unconditional love anytime.
  • Why your happiness depends on knowing the difference between true and fake gratitude.
  • How to have true safety and support so you never have to feel alone again.

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Live Your Life Guided by Loving Wisdom and Your Deepest Truth

30 days of daily videos to help you realize a deep spiritual awakening

Daily instructions, exercises and action steps to integrate your learning

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Learn to Tune Into and Trust Your Inner Wisdom and You’ll Never Feel Alone Again

Our society generally operates on the premise that something outside ourselves is responsible for creating our happiness.

We will be happy when we find the right relationship or the right job. We will be happy when we have enough money or enough love from someone we value. We will be happy when we live in our dream house, have our dream car, have children, or lose weight.

I can tell you from having had all of these things that the happiness that comes from having these things is nothing compared with the joy I feel when I experience the connection to my higher guidance and Divine nature. There is just nothing that comes close to it.

Happy Smiling Woman

I suppose if I were an enlightened being, I would experience this all the time, but since I am still a work in progress, I will say that my experience with joy expands by orders of magnitude every year.

There is nothing in life that comes close to the peace and joy YOU will feel when you surrender your wounded self to the wisdom of your higher guidance.

After spending half my life listening to my wounded self, and the second half of life abiding gratefully to the instruction of my higher guidance, I can say this: The universe is filled with the energy of love and truth. It is filled with all the information there is and it has the answers to all our questions.

When you know how to tap into that limitless, loving energy, confusion resolves. Anxiety lessens. Indecision becomes a thing of the past.

What you’re left with is pure joy.

Joy, like love and truth, is a gift of Spirit. Joy, love and truth enter your being when your heart is open. Joy is your birthright. It’s what makes life worth living. Once you taste it, you will want more and more of it.


Margaret Paul

Live Your Life Guided by Loving Wisdom and Your Deepest Truth

30 days of daily videos to help you realize a deep spiritual awakening

Daily instructions, exercises and action steps to integrate your learning

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97