The Single Most Powerful Catalyst for Happiness and Healing in Love and Life

A Secret That May Change Everything You Think You Know About Men, Women and How Relationships “Work”
Here’s the Secret to Passionate, Fulfilling, Life-Affirming Sex… the Ultimate Generator of Love and Well-being for Relationship Satisfaction

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s a secret that very few people know about or have spent much time contemplating.

It’s a secret that—if you believe it and embrace it—has the power to transform your romantic relationships as well as your health and wellbeing.

This secret can allow you to tap into one of the greatest generators of love on the planet, restore the emotional connection with your partner almost instantly, and recreate some of the euphoric joy that you felt when you first fell in love.

Felice Dunas, Ph.D.

Veteran Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a specialty in sexuality and relationships

It can be utilized to enhance your relationship, your health, and your sense of contentment anytime you wish for the rest of your life.

When you read what this secret is, I wouldn’t be surprised if you resist the concept at first. That’s because everyone’s experience of it is different for different reasons.

For example, for you it may be a “chore” or a “bore.”

Or something you crave or fantasize about often.

It may be a sore spot in your romantic relationship because you aren’t in “sync” with how often you have it.

It’s something you enjoyed doing with some people in your past, but not others.

Or it may be a source of pain and shame for you.

Maybe it’s something you’ve never learned to do well. You’ve just been “winging it” your entire life.

Or, you see it as nothing more than a “side benefit” to a great romantic relationship, or the unfortunate casualty of a terrible one.

You may have a lot of strong feelings about it, but probably no strong skills.

And when affection and goodwill between you and your partner starts to erode, it’s often the first thing to go.

So what is this transformative, RADICAL tool that has the potential of being a catalyst for all good things in life?

It is…

Really good, really skillful sex.

Whatever it is you’re thinking right now, I invite you to set it aside and remain open-minded.

Because after more than 34 years of working closely with thousands of individuals and couples all over the world I have come to know this: Sex isn’t at all what you think it is.

It is, in fact, far, far more than you have ever imagined it could be.

Let me explain…

How Sex Sells Everything…Except Itself

In the last century, we’ve seen sex being used by marketers to sell just about anything—cars, cigarettes, perfume, clothes, vacations and even everyday personal hygiene products.

We imagine ourselves becoming more desireable and sexy if we could cruise down the highway in that sleek sports sedan. We think our partners would want us more if we could just emulate the handsome, brooding models walking in slow motion in TV commercials. We imagine how easy it would be to feel confident and amorous in bed if we had the body of that Victoria’s Secret model.

Sex sells us on this idea that if we acquire certain things, look a certain way or behave a certain way, we will be happier and wealthier.

Sex sells stuff. It sells a fantasy.

The only thing our culture doesn’t sell us on is sex itself.

We don’t see ads proclaiming how great sex is in and of itself.

In most of the messages we get in the media, the actual act is beside the point.

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We consider ourselves lucky if we’re having it and it’s good.

If we’re single and we meet someone that lights our fire in the bedroom, we bubble over about how much “chemistry” we have with that person and we might be convinced it’s a relationship born of magic and destiny because the sex was so good.

Smiling Couple In Bed

When our sex life is in a rut, of poor quality, or worse—non-existent—we mostly blame our life circumstances or our partners.

We are too tired or too busy because of the kids.

Our partner doesn’t listen to us and is driving us crazy, so we’re not “in the mood.” They’re workaholics and never make time for us.

Sometimes we’re SO worn out that we think, if we didn’t have sex ever again, that’d be just fine with us.

We assume sex wanes with time and age, that the older we get the less of it we’ll have, and that’s OK. Because we assume that’s “normal.”

And some of us can’t see past sex as just a biological function that serves its purpose for a while, but isn’t really necessary for anything else.

Some of these beliefs come from our religious backgrounds, our families, the media and our own experiences—both good and bad.

With all these very limited and culture-tainted beliefs about sex, most of us can’t help but stumble along, hoping we’ll “luck out” and enjoy decent sex for a while with our beloved before the inevitable RUT sets in.

We stand by our beliefs and never consider what the FACTS may really be.

Which is a shame, because we are missing out on an aspect of life that has the potential for being not just extraordinary, but truly transcendent.

Sex Is an Important PILLAR of Love and Wellbeing, Not Just a Side-Benefit

The majority of us, especially women, certainly have never considered great sex as a PILLAR of a great relationship, let alone as a tool or a catalyst that can transform a faltering relationship into a joyous and resilient one.

Many women also consider sex as a side-benefit to a loving relationship. An expression of love that’s already there, not a generator of wellbeing, intimacy and connection.

If you and your partner aren’t communicating well, then you’re probably not having great sex.

If you’re fighting all the time and resentful or angry at each other, then you’re probably not having great sex.

If you’ve drifted apart or fallen out of love, then you’re likely not having ANY sex. At least not with your partner!

Feet Under Sheets

Like many, you probably believe that sex is a reliable measure of relationship “chemistry” or lack thereof.

What most of us fail to understand—due to our culture, our upbringing and our personal emotional barriers to intimacy—is that sex, done skillfully and consistently, is a powerful tool that can actually FIX all the other aspects of a relationship.

It is not a gauge by which we measure compatibility and romance, but can be the very catalyst that can bring about transformation to love and physical wellbeing.

What I’ve come to know from working with thousands of people all over the world in more than 60 countries, is that when you learn the skills to have truly great sex, you can experience:

  • A willingness and excitement to open up and share your innermost thoughts and feelings with your partner again
  • First-date excitement on your 10th, 20th or 50th anniversary and a decades-long honeymoon period with your beloved
  • A deep physical craving for your partner again even after years of taking him or her for granted
  • Easier affection and generosity with your partner
  • Greater overall contentment with life and a sense of calm and wellbeing
  • (FOR MEN) The ability to pace yourself and go as long as you want in bed
  • (FOR WOMEN) Greater ease with achieving pleasure and orgasm without having to rush to the end
  • A natural desire to make time for each other because it is something you actually enjoy MORE than just “vegging” out on the couch at the end of a long day
  • Less aches and pains, more energy and more vitality
  • Greater comfort with and acceptance of your body and its appearance
  • Great sexual sensations unlike anything you have known before

So if this is such a transformational tool for life and love, WHY haven’t we heard about it in this context?

WHY do we continue to harbor all the wrong ideas about sex?

Could it have something to do with certain emotional barriers that are keeping us from experiencing the greatest healing and pleasure?

The 5 Barriers Keeping Us From Having Truly Great, Transformational Sex

Most of us aren’t even willing to consider sex as a tool or catalyst for transformation in our love life or in our physical well-being. There are several reasons for this, and they stem from certain emotional barriers we have that keep us stuck around old ideas, out-of-date paradigms and false beliefs.

See if you recognize yourself in one or all of these barriers. They are:

1 We have emotional wounds, shame and triggers around sex.

Couple Cuddling

We ALL have some level of emotional “trauma” around sex. The word “trauma” conjures up strong associations, like molestation or rape, but trauma can happen from experiences that are covert and subtle. Emotional trauma can linger from seemingly trivial events like being cat-called as an adolescent or being told that our clothes are too revealing or inappropriate by an adult or caretaker. It could mean being told we were ugly or fat when we were growing up. It could mean being rejected by a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school or in our 20s.

These types of early experiences around love and sex have the power to make us believe that sex is dirty, shameful, or something to be enjoyed only under the most narrow of circumstances. These emotional barriers limit us from enjoying lovemaking in all its potential and experiencing the full scope and range of possibility when it comes to our sexuality.

The good news is that many of these emotional wounds and triggers can actually be healed and overcome THROUGH skillful sex, done the right way at the right time.

2 We dismiss the importance of sex in our relationships and health.

Sex is something we’re pretty comfortable joking about, legislating or moralizing. In the context of relationship, we consider it as a side benefit, a “nice to have” and a gauge of whether we feel “chemistry” with a new lover. When we’re angry at our partner, we may hold sex hostage in order to punish him or her.

What we aren’t comfortable doing is thinking of sex as an important foundation for a happy relationship or healthy life. It makes us uncomfortable to imagine using sex as a tool to create more connection in our relationship when we haven’t been getting along.

Our assumptions may be upside down when it comes to sex, which is too bad, because we could reverse so many failings of intimacy and connection if we could prioritize the importance of great sex in our lives.

3 We misunderstand or malign men’s and women’s sexuality.

Dressed Up Kissing Couple

Part of why we can’t seem to embrace the idea of sex being a pillar of great relationships is because we simply don’t understand the facts about male and female sexuality. If you’re a woman, you may secretly believe men are just horn dogs who want it all the time and don’t care as much about things like commitment, communication, and compatibility. If you’re a man, you may wonder if women are just difficult to please, sexually or otherwise, and that’s why women don’t want it as much as men do.

Or, you may not know or understand what really turns a man on or what turns a woman on. Maybe you’re not even sure about what turns YOU on!

As a society, we don’t know the facts. We resist learning. We dismiss the underlying truth. Why? Because we feel embarrassed to ask and we are ashamed or afraid to talk candidly and openly about it. We aren’t taught the value of a healthy approach to sexuality as children and adolescents, even though it’s a big part of our identities, even then.

If we don’t know the truth and are resistant to learn, then we will never be able to have truly great sex for the benefit of our relationship.

4 Time changes sex.

Our bodies change as we get older and therefore, our experience in bed changes, too.

After childbirth, a woman’s body changes and she may also see herself in a different way, sexually, than before she became a mother. Both men and women go through their own version of menopause in mid-life, which affects their hormones, desires and libido. We don’t want the same things we wanted when we were much younger, nor do we feel the same way about ourselves when it comes to our bodies.

Time changes sex. If you knew how to be skillful at sex when you were 25, it doesn’t mean that you automatically know how to be skillful at it when you’re 50.

This lack of acknowledgment of time as a factor in sex is a barrier because it places lofty expectations on our relationships. In order to enjoy passion in a relationship for decades, you must know the facts about how time changes sex, and you have to have the skills to adapt to the changes.

5 We don’t know what we don’t know.

Couple Embracing In Bed

Do you believe that you’re either good at sex or you’re not? That if you’re a woman not having orgasms you’re broken somehow? That all a man has to do to be good at it is last a bit longer or be physically well endowed?

If so, you don’t know what you don’t know. And it’s not your fault!

Most of us didn’t grow up with any sort of formal education when it comes to this important aspect of life. Our families and educators weren’t in a position to teach us. We didn’t have a handbook of techniques and strategy to refer to. We just learned as we went along, through trial and error.

(Or we learned things through porn and that is so far outside of reality that getting any kind of information from it is actually a liability not an asset!)

The bottom line here is that great sex requires skills and mastery. These aren’t skills that come “naturally” to most people. But they ARE skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered with ease.

How do I know?

Because these skills and techniques have been researched and put into successful practice for more than 3,000 years! And I’ve personally been teaching these ancient, time-tested principles for the last 34 years of my medical career to people all over the world with amazing results…

The Secrets That Royalty, CEOs and Billionaires All Over the World Have Paid Me To Teach Them (And What You Can Discover For Yourself Today)

My name is Dr. Felice Dunas and I’m one of the founding non-Asian practitioners of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in the U.S. (Prior to the 1970s in America, Chinese medicine was only practiced by the Asian community, and the doctrines were passed down from generation to generation.)

I’m also a sex educator. But not in the traditional sense, because my body of knowledge is entirely unique. No one else is teaching publicly what I teach and in the way I teach it.

Early in my career I was intrigued by the vast amount of research and study the ancients invested in the topic of sex and sexuality. The budoirs of ancient China were laboratories of sorts, where scholars, physicians, philosophers, royalty and nobility tested techniques, tried out various methods and prescriptions and catalogued the results in writing. At the time, these practices were used only by leaders for the purposes of maximizing their health and vitality and therefore, their power in society.

Kissing Beach Couple

I shared these ancient secrets with patients in private practice and was very pleased at the results.

After following specific prescriptions for their love life and lifestyle, both my single and coupled patients reported greater levels of wellbeing. They were happy to share that chronic tension would dissolve, energy and vitality would increase, sexual skill and satisfaction would skyrocket—and intimacy, harmony and love would blossom whether they were in a monogamous relationship or single and dating.

There was the evidence that a healthy body leads to better sex, and better sex produces healthier bodies and souls. When the sex was done correctly and skillfully, relationships thrived.

I’ve come to believe that health, love, sex and wealth are the four pillars of a happy life. When any one of these pillars falters, a person’s entire life is out of balance and susceptible to dysfunction and disease. And in modern society, there simply isn’t enough emphasis placed on the role of great sex for a healthy and happy life.

I found this work so rewarding that I expanded my practice and have since taught in more than 60 countries and consulted with royalty, executives, billionaires, CEOs as well as regular people who were looking to improve their relationships and health through sexuality.

Introducing Passion Play—A Complete Guide for Mastering the Skills that Will Transform Your Life Like Nothing Else You’ve Ever Tried Before

The skills and techniques I was prescribing to both singles and couples not only brought them more pleasure and wellbeing, the physical intimacy (with a partner or with themselves) also skyrocketed their emotional health. I saw couples really listening to each other, being more forthcoming about their needs and desires and actually enjoying each other’s company again OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

I heard from singles that learning about and enjoying their body’s pleasure centers had given them confidence about their sexuality and their ability to maintain a vibrant sexual relationship with a future partner.

Couples were more relaxed and more positive and optimistic about their future together.

Singles were delighted to be able to enjoy intimate pleasures on their own, hone their skills and explore new heights of orgasm.

This was all so exciting to hear. I loved knowing that these principles and skills strengthened relationships and marriages, and made such a difference in the lives of families. It also dispelled the myth that transcendent sexuality could only be enjoyed by couples.

I had seen too much of what could happen when stressed or exhausted couples neglected their sex life and began to feel abandoned, resentful and distant from each other. I wanted to show men and women that the way to a successful and happy union was through great sex, first and foremost. It didn’t matter how much tension and frustration they were experiencing together, or how long it had been since they had enjoyed each other physically. They could turn their relationships around and experience ecstacy like never before.

You can have an extraordinary relationship, too. You just need to be willing to try new things, be open-minded and above all, be persistent.

That’s where my program, Passion Play: Ancient Secrets for a Lifetime of Health and Happiness Through Sensational Sex, can help you immediately.

Passion Play is the most complete, in-depth guide I’ve ever developed to help couples overcome the obstacles to physical intimacy, as well as a step-by-step manual explaining in detail skills to improve foreplay, intercourse and energetic healing using ancient, time-tested principles.

The result is that you’ll discover a new way to “turn on” your energetic centers and enjoy lovemaking like never before, to reach new heights of pleasure with your partner without rushing or feeling rushed, to feel more powerful and in control of your body, and to feel adored in your relationship.

It’ll all possible with my Passion Play program, which contains:

A 250+ page eBook version you can start reading immediately that explains the therapeutic power of sex, how to master foreplay techniques to maximize pleasure, how sexual and yin/yang energy affects wellbeing, how to master the art of intercourse, what to do when things go wrong in bed, how to overcome physical and emotional obstacles to pleasure and what lifestyle factors are critical for sexual health and for happy relationships.

An audio version of the book (read by me), which you can take with you on the go, or listen in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom or living room, alone or with your partner.

A bonus eBook answering “The 10 Hottest Questions About Sex”. These are the most common questions I most often hear from individuals and couples about sexuality. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask? Were too embarrassed to bring up to your doctor? Couldn’t imagine asking your spouse? These questions are here, and I’m going to be 100% candid with you. Here’s the truth about sex like you’ve never heard it before.

An introductory video where I’ll give you an overview of what you’re about to learn—and why I’m so excited about how this material can transform your health, happiness, and pleasure!

Here’s More of What You’ll Discover Through This Program:

  • A foreplay technique that can help a man maintain his erection longer while also helping a woman achieve orgasm more easily
  • Simple, short body exercises—using no special equipment—that increase sexual energy, libido and health
  • Specific words that seduce a man, appeal to his masculine “yang” desire and make him feel closer to you
  • A lifestyle strategy that has been shown to increase sexual arousal and frequency in women, as well as overall health and wellbeing
  • 9 questions about monogamy and your sex life that can relieve frustration and bring you and your partner closer physically and emotionally, even if it’s been months or years since you’ve had sex
  • A surprising reason why a man may lose his erection and what to do and say to put him at ease and build trust and connection, so that the problem can resolve naturally
  • The 4 levels of physical arousal a woman should ideally attain before attempting intercourse and the danger of rushing this process
  • Specific movements that can build an almost unbearable sense of yearning and anticipation in a woman during the act of intercourse
  • The best intercourse positions for men with issues with penis length or girth to help alleviate discomfort and add pleasure to both partners
  • How long should you wait to get involved with someone after a breakup? The simple formula that will help you avoid unnecessary heartache and lead you to attracting a much more compatible partner in the future
  • What to do immediately following an orgasm while masturbating in order to move your sexual chi throughout your body, where it can heal and rejuvenate you
  • The single most important sexual task you need to perform if you’re single, so that you can strengthen and balance your energy center and make it more likely to attract and choose an ideal partner in the future
  • A formula for resolving conflict and breathing new life and passion into the relationship, using the ancient principles of yin and yang energy
  • Lifestyle and diet choices that enhance your sexual chi and energize your sex life, so you want to have sex much more often and with greater anticipation
  • How to nourish your sexuality with specific tonics and foods that strengthen your sexual energy center

My eBook, Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Medicine In Our Loins: The Therapeutic Power of Sex

  • The beauty secret in your bedroom: forget products, supplements, even surgery—having regular sex is the best beauty pill around, and it’s free
  • Why superior sex is a natural anti-ageing tonic that keeps the body young and immunity strong
  • How 10 seconds can save your relationship (without all the work and overwhelm you think it takes to improve your connection)
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The First And Oldest Dance: The Coupling of Masculine And Feminine

  • Why recalibrating your yin/yang balance is the key to having more love, even if you’re in a dry spell or there’s distance in your relationship
  • How to open your body to receive more yin as a gateway to greater pleasure and improved health
  • How your body can drive you to an affair—and how to have a brand new, sexy relationship with the partner you already have
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Wind Blows The Temple Door Ajar: Energy, Attraction, And Desire

  • How chi dictates your sex drive (it’s not random), and how healthy sex produces healthy chi
  • How chi makes you attracted to certain people and not others (it’s not just your patterns and neurosis!)
  • Why stress can wreck your sex life—a downward spiral that’s zapping your vitality and ageing you
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Stairway to the Stars—Perfecting Foreplay

  • The power of massage, kissing, and your mindset to infuse your entire experience with sensual energy
  • What makes a great kiss and why it can have the power to supercharge your entire relationship
  • How to make foreplay last all day—and even how to do it with your clothes on
Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Inside the Jade Chamber: Mastering the Art of Intercourse

  • Why variety is critical for pleasure and satisfaction—and how to mix it up in ways that will keep both of you excited
  • A surprising solution when he’s not getting it up—you’ll both come alive with renewed possibility
  • How to use thrusting and positions to your advantage, no matter how each of you is built
Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Heaven Comes To Earth: Making Love Divine

  • Men think they need to be superstars in the bedroom—here’s the most precious gift he can give a woman
  • How to sustain ecstasy well beyond orgasm—it’s entirely possible, again and again
  • Why you want to try intense, prolonged, full-body orgasms without ejaculation
Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Boulders Beneath Our Feet: Obstructions to Passionate Love

  • What to do if your sex drive is low or you have low sexual self-esteem so you can enjoy the sex you were born for
  • How to handle physical limitations to love making, including erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness
  • How to keep the flames burning through infertility and pregnancy
Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Single Boat Upon the River: Life Between Relationships

  • How to recover from the pain of broken relationships to free yourself from shame and resistance to loving again
  • Ways to have a sex life even without a partner—and how to nurture your sensuality so you’re ready when your partner appears
  • Why being single is a unique opportunity to awaken your true sensuality and sexuality
Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Until the Sun Sets: Living a Life of Passion

  • Recipes for romance: including why the timing of sex is so important to your enjoyment
  • How to keep conflict from being a passion killer—and how to resolve conflict through the principles of yin and yang
  • The eat well, love well diet—with specific recommendations for passion-fuelling foods

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Investing in These Important Skills Can Be the Very Thing That Keeps Your Relationship Resilient and Thriving for Life

I once met a man who had worked hard for decades in his business and had managed to amass a fortune worth several hundred million dollars. While his professional life was growing, his personal life was another matter. He was divorcing his wife, he told me, which was costing him half his fortune. The reason? He was ending their relationship because she wouldn’t have sex with him.

I asked him how often his wife had orgasms in the past when they were still sleeping together. “That’s the thing,” he said, “she complained that it was too much work for her or that I couldn’t last long enough for her to catch up. That she felt broken.”

I wondered what would have happened if he had invested a tiny fraction of millions into learning the skills that would have made sex more enjoyable for his wife and therefore, more consistently a pleasurable part of their relationship? I’m convinced that had I met him earlier, and as long as he and his wife had a willing heart and an open mind, with my help they would have been able to rejuvenate their love life, appreciate each other again, and their fortune would have included having a long and happy marriage and a stable home for their children.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for that couple.

If you’re reading this and you wonder about the long-term health of your relationship, consider yourself fortunate, because it’s not too late for you!

You now have the opportunity to take the steps to transform your health and wellbeing AND create a strong bond with your romantic partner or spouse at the same time.

With the skills, techniques and principles you’ll learn in Passion Play, you’ll awaken and energize a part of you that has been dormant your entire life. You’ll let go of all the false beliefs, incomplete assumptions and cultural biases that keep you from fully enjoying your body and your life.

With mastery of sexuality, a union of male and female energy has the potential to become pure alchemy, turning pleasure into ecstasy, and ordinary coupling into an extraordinary union, capable of healing the body, heart and soul.


Felice Dunas

eBook & Audiobook

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