End the Cycle of Negative Thoughts, Chronic Dissatisfaction and Relationship Drama

With the Single Most Powerful Catalyst for Positive Change in Life & Love
Here’s the surprising secret to how I met the love of my life, lost 100 pounds, quit smoking and became a world-renowned author and spiritual leader.

I’m going to tell you something radical.

Something you won’t believe at first, but if you embrace it, will be the single most important event in your life.

I can say this with complete confidence, because when I had this realization, everything in my life changed.

I met Katie, the love of my life and the source of endless joy, passion and wonder every day.

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Best-selling author, professor, and leader in relationship transformation and body-mind therapies

I lost 100 pounds, and kept it off for more than 40 years. (In fact, I’m healthier now than I was at age 25!)

I became a best selling author, got invited to appear on more than 100 news programs, and even appeared on Oprah… twice.

It was the catalyst that has fueled my entire personal, professional, and physical being.

And until I learned it, it was the hidden cause of most of my relationship discontent, weight issues and general sense of fear and loneliness.

What is this magical power move that changed it all for me?

I learned to love myself.

When We Don’t Love Ourselves, We Can’t Be Loved By Someone Else

When we don’t love and accept ourselves fully, we can’t ever have a great relationship or a happy life.

Our partner may whisper, “I love you so much” and we won’t believe them. We’ll always be looking for evidence that they are secretly losing interest.

Did they call us when they said they would? (If they didn’t, it’s because they don’t love us.)

Did they initiate sex, or cuddle like they used to, or hold our hands when we walked down the street? (They are losing interest. They’ve met someone else. I’m less desirable than I was ten years ago.)

We can’t tell them our secret feelings or fears, because it will push them away.

We feel like we “aren’t good enough” to date our crush, or we settle for someone who is “safe” or “fine” but who doesn’t make our heart leap with joy.

We don’t trust our partners (they aren’t telling the truth). We think they are cheating (where was she last night?)

We carry around the pain of never feeling good enough to have the kind of love other people experience. We doubt ourselves; we doubt our partners; we doubt love.

We let challenges demoralize and deflate us, and it’s not long before we realize we’re a much smaller version of ourselves. We won’t ask for a raise; we’ll stay in dead-end jobs.

We’ll lose weight and feel fatter than ever. We give up on our health, thinking it’s too hard or takes too much effort.

We’ll look for quick fixes to make ourselves feel better: a new haircut, a one night stand, a bottle of bourbon, a brownie sundae.

But none of these fixes fix us at all. They leave us feeling lonelier, emptier, sadder.

And we will remain that way until we stop looking for other people to give us the love and care we yearn for and deserve.

After all, why would someone else love us, if we don’t think we are worthy?

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Loving Yourself Changes Your Life More Than Anything Else You Can Do

Here’s the thing about loving ourselves: until we do it, we don’t realize its power.

We think the reason for our unhappiness is “out there,” and we go around searching for someone, or something, to solve it for us.

Woman Looking At Herself In The Mirror

We do whatever we can to avoid looking inward, because looking inward feels scary. It means acknowledging our sadness, remembering past hurts, facing our fears.

We reject self-love as the powerful, uplifting force in our lives it can be. We reduce it to the territory of “conceited people” or scoff at the ridiculousness of “positive affirmations.”

We take our credit cards, our four course meals, our barely-satisfying relationships, and we wrap ourselves in their protective cocoonanything but acknowledging how we feel inside.

But we are wrong… so very wrong about what loving ourselves means, and how it feels.

Loving yourself means you don’t hide who you really are. You share your feelings – even the messy ones – and own up the truth of your life and your mistakes.

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, because you know the only opinion that matters about your self-worth is your own.

You don’t accept bad treatment, or social pressure, or feel compelled to do things you don’t want to do just because you are “supposed to.”

You can fully accept and enjoy being loved by someone else. You aren’t doubtful of their feelings. You never worry if their love will end, or if you aren’t good enough, or unworthy.

You aren’t afraid of getting hurt. You don’t push love away, or run away, or subconsciously create reasons why your relationship will let you down.

You are at peace with yourself, and can channel your energy into CREATING what you want, not PROTECTING what you don’t want to lose.

You feel giddy, light… free.

A Controversial Hit From A Life-Altering Breakthrough

When I had my personal epiphany, everything changed. This breakthrough set the trajectory for the rest of my life, and it became my personal and professional mission to facilitate the breakthrough in others.

In my first blissful summer with Katie, I was compelled to write the first edition of my book, Learning to Love Yourself.

I was wildly in love, and more certain than ever that the act of loving myself brought me the wondrous gift of the woman of my dreams.

The first edition of this book was published in the 1980s and became a blockbuster best-seller. It was highly controversial, too. Self-help books were rare at the time, and the way I presented the information to the reader really shook up some experts in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. (In fact, Psychology Today trashed it completely, instantly propelling it to the best-seller list!)

Since its original publication, I’ve revised the book several times. I’ve used the concepts in the book to help tens of thousands of individuals overcome lifelong emotional obstacles to intimacy and personal contentment. I’ve seen relationships transformed and lives changed for the better because of the very simple, but very powerful Love Yourself techniques I developed so many years ago.

It was such a huge hit, that I wrote a second book a decade later to help provide valuable “how-to” exercises and step-by-step habits to fully integrate the practice of loving yourself into your core being. The Learning to Love Yourself Workbook went on to become a separate success in its own right and a movement was born.

Introducing the Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle: A Comprehensive Set of Tools That Will Change Your Life Forever

Based on my 40 years as a psychologist, and having worked with every mental and emotional difficulty in the book, I can tell you that learning to love yourself is the most powerful therapeutic technique I know of.

In fact, it is a single key state of mind from which mental, emotional, and even physical health flows.

Now I’m offering the latest, most up-to-date edition of the Learning to Love Yourself concepts in eBook format, as a special bundle.

The Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle includes:

Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle eBook

The most recently updated version of my best-selling book, Learning to Love Yourself

This version is ONLY available here, in this special bundle. An easy-to-read and information-rich 95+ pages of stories, theories and step-by-step how to’s on how to learn to love yourself. You can read all of it on your computer, or any personal device.

I reveal the very personal story behind how I came to discover the importance of learning to love yourself, how it affected my life, and how it’s helped other people change their lives since. I explain why we are taught from a very early age to not love ourselves, no matter what kind of upbringing we had, and how anyone can overcome our past negative programming. Through transcripts from actual therapy sessions, you will see just how easy it is to make the power shift that will change the way you experience your entire life.

Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle Audiobook

An audio version of the updated version of the book that I recorded and is ONLY available through this bundle offer

This book is highly personal for me, and I want it to be personal for you, too. Listen to the audio when you are on the go or in your car. It adds convenience and increases your integration of the material because you’ll be hearing it explained by me directly.

Start your day re-listening to your favorite chapter, and help center yourself for the day ahead.

Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle Workbook

A 160 page workbook containing even more teachings and 38 exercises

This workbook contains dozens of teachings and powerful advice on personal growth and loving yourself. Learn strategies to overcome the key difficulty in a co-dependent relationship, move from a victim position to an empowered one, and clear “heavy” feelings from old childhood emotional wounds. There are also body-centered exercises to help you clear up a chronically painful relationship, improve your body image, self-esteem, and more.

Done alone or with a partner, these exercises will help you embody the Love Yourself techniques described in the book, as well as help you move through difficult emotions like fear, guilt and shame.

This workbook is normally sold separately but is included in this special bundle in PDF format.

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Our gift to you: a free month of our Transformational Interview Series, where you’ll learn skills and strategies to radically improve all your relationships. You’ll meet a new expert every month, sharing powerful skills and breakthroughs on relationship topics that matter: resolving conflict, setting boundaries, increasing intimacy, practicing genuine self-love… and much, much more.

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The Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle will help you learn the process by which you will free yourself of feelings of chronic dissatisfaction, will increase your self-esteem, and will allow you to feel at peace with your life and love.

It will help you transform ALL your relationships, no matter how difficult they are now, to be more open, loving, intimate and honest.

The transformation can be immediate, and can last a lifetime!

You will go from feeling criticized to feeling accepted and loved, even if the other person in your life does NOTHING AT ALL to change their behavior.

It will stop the cycle of the negative thoughts, arguments and worries, so you can feel at peace and enjoy open genuine relationships free of drama and tension.

Here’s More of What You’ll Discover:

  • How to identify the various points in your past where you learned that you were unlovable, and how to reverse the damage caused by both intentional or unintentional childhood trauma
  • The underlying cause of “people pleasing” and how to reprogram your thoughts so you’re not automatically serving others’ needs at the expense of your own peace and wellbeing
  • 10 powerful “attitudes” that have the power to set you free from prior negative conditioning
  • How to make loving yourself completely effortless, no matter what you’re experiencing or feeling (even if it’s guilt, shame or self-hatred)
Woman With Cheek Sticker Smiling
  • Why blaming others when things go wrong can actually stunt any good regard you have for yourself, and how to get out of the cycle of blame and helplessness for good
  • Why we often put up barriers to feeling good, and how to allow yourself to experience bliss without guilt or constraint (If you feel you don’t have a right to be happy, this is for you)
  • Two common mistakes you may be making when trying to improve your self-esteem, and how shifting your belief can instantly elevate your mood
  • The 4-step process you can do in less than 10 minutes that will allow you to flow in harmony with the stream of life, instead of feeling tension, resistance and anxiety
  • The truth about guilt, and how to dissolve this debilitating emotion that stifles your creativity and your ability to express joy
  • Why anger is the most repetitive emotion and how to turn anger into positive energy for change
  • The secret psychological reason you’re attracted to certain partners – and how knowing this can transform a “problem” relationship into an opportunity for true personal growth
  • The 4 questions that can change everything in your relationship, especially when trouble arises
  • Why forgiveness is often difficult and what you need to do FIRST for yourself before you can genuinely forgive another

The Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle is Just a Few Clicks Away

Without question, learning to love yourself is rocket-fuel for your life, giving you an inner peace and acceptance that you never dreamed possible. It is, quite simply, the most important important skill you can learn.

In fact, I believe in it so much that I’m making sure you have absolutely no reason not to try this life-changing special bundle. That’s why I’m offering it to you completely RISK-FREE. Download the eBook, audio and workbook now, read and listen to it over the next week, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return them all for a full refund… no questions asked.

My Risk-Free Promise

Experience Your Personal Breakthrough

Best Selling Ebook and Workbook

Exclusive Audiobook – read by Gay

Over 250 combined pages and 38 transformative exercises

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $39

Special Price: only $29.97


There Is a Cure for What Ails You in Life and Love, And It’s Been Within You All Along

Throughout the years, I’ve met many smart and wonderful people who have told me that they think something is wrong with them, because they can never feel truly happy and at peace in life and love.

I’ve seen people like this go to the ends of the earth and to endless specialists seeking a cure for that gnawing emptiness inside.

They build dream houses, they go on cruises, they consult psychics, and they join crusades. They hop from relationship to relationship, looking for the perfect partner but never being able to find satisfaction in love.

None of the striving and struggle works to fill the emptiness, because that space cannot be filled by acquiring wealth, buying an object or getting someone to love us.

Believe it or not, we won’t ever learn to love ourselves by hearing someone tell us, “I adore you,” “You’re the one for me” or praise our good qualities to the heavens.

That space, that well of dissatisfaction, can’t be filled with a promotion, raise, or an award recognizing your achievement or hard work.

That space that gnaws at you can only be filled by one thing – learning to love yourself.

I sincerely hope that you take a moment today to love yourself by committing to the transformation that’s possible with this program.

I know it will be a turning point in your life, as it was in mine.

With love,

Gay Hendricks

Experience Your Personal Breakthrough

Best Selling Ebook and Workbook

Exclusive Audiobook – read by Gay

Over 250 combined pages and 38 transformative exercises

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $39

Special Price: only $29.97