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Congratulations on taking the first step towards your personal Inner Bonding Breakthrough. We’re looking forward to learning more about you, and exactly what you’d most like to achieve through this transformational live session.

Big change awaits, as recent attendee Kathleen LeBlanc shares:

“The Inner Bonding Breakthrough was an uplifting, inspiring and very personal experience of self-discovery in a “cocoon of safety” with Dr. Paul and the other participants. It is a wonderful format — to share such a deep exploration of personal issues within a context of fellow souls journeying together.
In what felt like a safe and nonjudgmental environment, we all held the space for one another. It was powerful, enriching and very moving. I highly endorse and recommend this intensive IB experience.”

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Everything You Get With Inner Bonding Breakthrough

One Life-Changing Day with Me
Inner Bonding Introductory Video

Inner Bonding – 7-Day Course
SelfQuest – 6 Months Access
Love Yourself – 30-Day Course
IB Village – 6 Months Access


“Dr Margaret’s Inner Bonding Breakthrough intensive was really, really powerful. Her ability to laser in on the root of each participant’s buried issues was amazing to experience and to witness in the others. I came away feeling empowered to make significant changes in the way I perceive myself and others so I can learn to eliminate my own woundedness without searching for answers and solutions outside of myself.
And most importantly, Dr Margaret made me feel seen and understood and loved in a way that I have been craving for my entire lifetime. This was an incredibly valuable experience for me. I am so glad I invested in myself in this way. The value I received far exceeded the cost!
Thank you thank you Dr Margaret!” — Aimee Peterson