Have Great Sex, High Self Esteem, And The Sexual Power That Is Your Female Birthright

The Physical, Emotional, And Psychological Tools You Need To Claim The Power And Magnificence Of Your Sexuality
Overcome the bad training, media misrepresentations, shame and stigma that’s held you back from great sex… to fully own, celebrate and benefit from your sexuality

Why aren’t you having great sex?

Breathless, all-consuming, toe-tingling “gotta have it now” sex.

Felice Dunas, Ph.D.

Veteran Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a specialty in sexuality and relationships

Not porn sex. Not obligatory sex. Not “make him happy because he’s my husband” sex.

Not even “well that was nice after all” sex.

I’m talking sex that connects you to your physical, spiritual, and full female potential. Sex that causes the heavens to open, your body to relax, your stress to disappear, your relationship to thrive.

Fun sex. Sex that makes you and your partner feel good about yourselves and each other. Comfortable, joyful, laugh-in-the-middle sex because it’s not a chore but it’s something you GET to participate in fully.

Sex that adds to the relationship you have so the hard times are gentler and kinder and a bit easier to get through… because you know that you can truly connect with your partner on a real, deep, intimate level.

Sex that stays with you long after you’ve left the bedroom. Sex that makes you feel desirable, worthy, and fulfilled.

Sex that maybe even distracts you from your work for that fleeting moment when you close your eyes and your body delights at the memory of just how good it felt.

Sex that you want to have again. And again. And again.

Because if you are like the majority of women today, great sex is as elusive as a size 4 pair of jeans.

It’s not happening. It’s not gonna happen. And you are seriously skeptical that it’s ever even possible for you.

It’s been bad to mediocre enough times that you just don’t believe good sex is in the cards. Great sex is a laughable promise.

And you are right to be skeptical.

Because great sex isn’t the norm. It’s the exception.

After All, 70% Of Women Are Not Fully Sexually Satisfied.


Despite what we read in magazines, see in movies, or hear from some of more experienced girlfriends, most women ARE NOT having great sex.

And that has to change.

Our sexuality and sexual pleasure is one of the most magnificent gifts as a woman.

It’s what gives us the confidence to choose good partners, and demand respect throughout our entire lives.

It’s what allows us to enjoy our bodies, and connect to the divine inside of us. It’s what gives us the courage to not only face the world - but take it on knowing that we are capable, desirable, powerful women who can (and will) triumph.

It’s what helps us continue to smile even when life isn’t so kind. It’s what gives us the strength to find joy in the small moments - to relish a connection with ourselves AND our partner in a way that makes us feel… alive.

And it’s a natural part of being a woman. It’s where our power lies… the origin of our lifeforce.

So it’s not only time that we tap into it… it’s about time we got to enjoy it.

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  • The science behind the orgasm and how to have one by yourself OR with a partner
  • And all the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of sex that you need to know to STOP feeling unsatisfied and start enjoying your sex life
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Every Woman Has The Power of Pleasure (But Not The Knowledge To Reach It)

The good news is that this divine feminine power ALREADY exists within you.

You do have the power to control the quality of your sex life.

It starts with controlling your sexual life.

(And yes, those are two different things.)

Your sexual life… is the sexuality and sensuality you have.

Your sex life… is the quantity, quality and type of sex that you have.

Once you have the knowledge, resources and understanding to master your sexuality… your sex life WILL improve. You will laugh more, and feel more joy. Our relationships get better just because the passion that we express with our partners is positive and uplifting.

Because the reason most women are so unsatisfied?

We’re not TAUGHT how to have good sex!

Sex education is limited to body-part-a inserts into body-part-b and results in new-human-c.

You might get a quick anatomy lesson about where certain parts are located, how your period works, and maybe you learn how to avoid a disease.

But when it comes to female sexual education - it’s limited to either a very limited reproductive education OR it’s up to mainstream culture and media to take over.

Which means you’re relying on unrealistic standards for every aspect of what you think sex is.

You’re relying on movies, friends, even porn - to show you what sex looks and sounds like.

And in case you haven’t figured it out - NONE of those things are at all designed to help you actually figure out what sex should be.

If you want to discover unreasonable expectations, get your sex education from porn videos

If you want to feel like you’ll never measure up… keep thinking that sex is the way it’s portrayed out there in the world - like you’re supposed to just “know” what makes you feel good without ever having anything explained to you.

For instance - do you know all the pieces of your anatomy and what they’re designed to do?

If you don’t - you’re not alone! After all, who do you ask?

Your doctor is likely more concerned with getting you in and out of the office in less than 20 minutes to take any kind of real time to educate you… and that’s if you can get the courage to ask a question you probably feel like you should know the answer to already.

You can ask your friends… but they’re likely as in the dark as you are. And social media is a crapshoot of old wives’ tales and plain WRONG information that you’re left feeling not just out of the loop… but downright stupid.

But the real problem comes when you consider that…

Good Sex Isn’t Just Physical

Having good sex and living a good sexual life and being in touch with your own sensuality and sexuality starts before you even think an arousing thought.

And if you’re like many of the up to 70% of women who are sexually UNsatisfied… your own brain is keeping you stuck where you are.

For women especially, sex is a mental and emotional experience.

It carries deep emotional weight.

And you could be getting in your own way without even knowing it.

Trauma. Pain. Insecurity. Identity. Intimacy. Stress.

Each one of these things has a direct impact on our sexual satisfaction as women… and each one offers a potential barrier to even being able to experience a rich and fulfilling sex life.

And right now, you’re probably thinking something that’s holding you back from having great sex.

And if you are… you’re not alone.

Bad And Mediocre Sex is a Universal Condition

Women all over the world have struggled with sex, sexuality and intimacy for generations.

In my years helping women and couples, I’ve heard the saddest stories.

About the couple who - even though the rest of their 16-year marriage was happy - weren’t connecting sexually because of her past trauma.

About the man who wished his wife was as comfortable reaching orgasm with him as she was reaching orgasm by rubbing against her pillow.

About the woman who didn’t understand female ejaculation and was afraid to reach orgasm with her partner. (She started refusing to have sex which made him want to end the marriage!)

Or the woman whose husband wants to know how to make her feel good… and she doesn’t know what to tell him.

The women who have painful or unsatisfying early experiences and think that’s what sex will be for her forever.

The women who are ashamed of the way their bodies look and can’t imagine their partners being attracted to them.

The women who never learned about their anatomy or what feels good, so they think that what they’ve experienced is all there is.

Sexual repression through lack of information is real, it’s global,
and it’s making you feel less desirable, less happy and less confident every single day

These are the same women that practically worry themselves sick over looking the right way, acting the right way, and doing the right thing to be accepted by those around them…

Because without being deeply connected to your feminine sensuality and sexuality…

You’re missing a critical part of your identity.

Women Are Inherently Sexual Beings… Despite Shame, Misinformation and a Culture of Putting-Our-Needs-Last

No matter what society or the media or our churches or our families tell us… we are sexual beings.

We are designed to enjoy sex on a physical and emotional and mental level.

It is not shameful to be in control of your pleasure.

It is not wrong to want sex, and it is not wrong to want to feel deliciously happy while having it.

It is not unbecoming to have standards of what you will and will not accept from an intimate partner.

It doesn’t make you picky or loose or snobby.

It doesn’t make you arrogant or too much of a flirt or easy.

You’re not a slut or a man-eater.

You’re a WOMAN.

You’re a beautiful, worthy woman who has been forced into ignorance about how your own body works and the amazing things it can feel… simply because you have had no other option.

Your confidence has been stolen from you.

Sexual Self-Esteem Goes Far Beyond The Bedroom

That confidence - the confidence of knowing who you are sexually, being in control of your own sexual satisfaction, and having sexual standards that come only from knowing your body and how it can feel - is the confidence you’ll carry with you throughout your entire life.

You know the feeling when you have the PERFECT pair of jeans?

The ones that make your butt look great, they flatter your entire figure…

AND they’re comfortable to be in.

Finding these jeans is pretty impossible… and what’s more, those jeans are different for every single woman out there.

Sometimes those jeans are stretch skinny jeans in a dark wash. They could be a boot cut mid-rise. They could be straight-leg and the palest blue they’re almost white.

But no matter what those jeans look like…

They just make your day better. You feel more confident. More able to handle whatever the world throws at you.

You smile more, flirt better, and your brain even feels like it’s sharper.

Mature Woman Feeling Confident

If you could, you’d LIVE in those jeans. You’d buy a thousand pairs so you never have to be without them.

You pair them with flats for casual, heels for dress. You wear them so often that you may as well throw all your other jeans away.

Nothing can bring you down when you wear those jeans!

Now… imagine being able to truly live in those jeans.

They never wear out; they never need washing.

They don’t stretch or shrink and it doesn’t matter what you weigh or how old you are… they’re always the perfect fit.

You can wear the jeans to bed, you can wear them to a wedding, you can wear them to work.

You’ll always have the same CONFIDENCE you do when you wear your “magical” jeans.

That’s what it looks like when you’re confident in your SEXUALITY and your SENSUALITY.

That’s what it looks like when you’re in touch with your femininity at its core.

And whether you already have an incredible sex life (that always leaves you satisfied)… or you’re reading this wondering when the last time you were ever truly pleased…

A life of pleasure, sensuality and confidence IS possible for you

A life of fulfillment and purpose can start with sexual self-confidence.

Because you’ll be confident enough to go after the REST of what you’re worth.

Even if you don’t feel it right now - even if you can’t possibly fathom being so self-confident that you’re ready to tackle whatever the world can throw at you…

When you step into your sexuality, things shift.

In a big way.

And That’s Not Even Talking About Orgasms

The Big O. Get off. Come. Climax. Finish. Le Petit Mort, if you’re French.

No matter what you call it - the ability to have an orgasm is pretty much the well-accepted definition of a satisfying sexual encounter.

Cosmo (and other women’s magazines) has a litany of articles dedicated to having your best orgasm, what to do when you’re struggling to orgasm, and the different types of orgasms you should be able to have. They talk about finding “the unicorn of orgasms” and how to have a 15-minute orgasm…

Surprisingly, not the same article.

And this is for a reason: orgasms are FUN!

They feel great!

They’re relaxing and can re-center you no matter what kind of day or week you’re having.

But beyond the obvious, there’s a good reason to love orgasms: they’re good FOR you.

They’ve been shown to lower pain, improve cardiovascular health, increase focus, boost your immune system… you get a better night’s sleep, your pelvic floor gets the workout it needs, and can you think of a more fun way to burn a few calories?!

BUT… if you’re not connected to your sexuality… if you don’t know what makes your body feel good… if you can’t seem to “get out of your head” enough to let go and enjoy sex…

The Big O may as well be The Big Zero.
Confident Dark Haired Woman Wearing Green Halter Top

I know a woman who has always taken what she thought was a long time to reach climax - and she knew enough about her body to know how to make it happen, but didn’t have the confidence in herself or her sexuality to encourage her partner in the right way.

So she faked it.

She faked it so her partner wouldn’t get tired and frustrated with her (even though he hadn’t before)…

Because she didn’t deem herself worth the time it took to “get her there.”

Her lack of sexual self confidence translated into depriving her partner and herself of what they really wanted: her ultimate pleasure.

When you fake an orgasm with your partner - whether it’s because you don’t know how to have one or you just can’t let yourself relax enough for it to happen - you are missing an incredibly intimate bonding opportunity with your partner.

Because when you have an orgasm, your brain is flooded with oxytocin (and when your partner orgasms, his is too) which allows you to share in the bliss you two have created together.

Simply put: You owe it to yourself to put the power of Good Sex back into your hands.

Stop having good sex by accident… or thinking that good sex is out of your reach.

Start understanding yourself and your body enough to have good sex on purpose.

How To Own Your Sexuality And Gain The Confidence To Transform Your Entire Life

I know firsthand what not embracing your sexuality does to your life and to your relationship with yourself.

I know how the lack of self-confidence shows up outside the bedroom.

Because your sexuality is about so much more than sex.

It’s about so much more than orgasms.

It’s about so much more than satisfaction with your partner.

When you take control of your pleasure… when you truly become the kind of woman that has the self-knowledge about what makes her feel good (and what’s more, how to get it)…


Here’s Why:

The more we fight against our femininity and sexuality, the more conflicted we are inside.

The more we struggle to reconcile who we ARE with who we think we should be.

And we hold that closer to us than you ever imagined.

It affects every relationship, every interaction, every occasion and situation.

It affects how you think other people see you.

It affects how you see yourself.

When you’re disconnected from your sexuality, you fall into the trap the world wants you to stay in:

The one that makes you think that THIS magazine article or THIS brand of makeup or THIS style of clothing is going to be “it” for you - that you’ll finally feel a certain way about yourself.

But it never is. It’s never enough.

The magazine articles don’t give you the full story.

The makeup doesn’t make the image in the mirror feel any different.

The clothes and the styles and the hair… it can all change at a moment’s notice, leaving you wondering what you have to do next.

True sexual self esteem has nothing to do with who you’re sleeping with.

It has nothing to do with the size of your breasts or butt or thighs or belly.

It has nothing to do with the positions you know, the sounds you make, the lingerie you wear…

And EVERYTHING to do with knowing your body and what you want.

You’re more selective about your partners, yes… but you’re also more intolerant of being treated poorly in other areas of your life, too.

When you know what you want, you begin to REFUSE to settle for anything LESS

True sexual self-esteem allows you to flourish in all areas of your life.

To approach every relationship - from romantic to platonic to professional - with a higher standard.

The standard to know that…

Cheeky Older Couple Grabbing Honey Buns

You’re worth respect.

You’re worth time.

You’re worth effort.

When you know this - deep in your being - it’s almost effortless to expect it from everyone around you.

Not just the person you’re sleeping with.

And this is true even if you’re not sleeping with anyone!

How do I know?

Because I didn’t get this kind of sexual education when I was younger, either.

I didn’t have an innate understanding of my body or my emotions. I didn’t know how to have intentional good sex. And I didn’t know how to teach a partner how to create great sex with me.

I had to figure it out.

And a lot of the time, it wasn’t fun. I had to ride the emotional rollercoaster over and over again before I understood anything about it.

If I had this kind of information when I was younger my whole life would have been different. My self esteem would have been better. I would have chosen different partners.

I would have been less frightened of the foreignness of my self as a sexual woman with a power that was bigger than I could handle.

And I don’t want YOU to have to take the long road.

I don’t want YOU to have to settle for Bad Sex.

I don’t want YOU to have to worry that you’re taking too long, or you don’t know what you want, or you’re not worth the effort and experience of feeling good.

That’s why I’ve created the program I wish was created for my younger self: The Goddess of Pleasure.

It’s designed to be your COMPLETE GUIDE to HIGH SEXUAL SELF-ESTEEM, knowledge and skills.

Sex Is Both Be-ing and Do-ing

Smiling Woman Dancing In Undergarments

Because good and great sex is about more than just knowing the positions that Cosmo will give you. It’s about more than just understanding where your vulva is and what it does.

Simply knowing the phiysical mechanics and motions of sex is NOT what will make sex good for you.

Sex is a whole-body experience - brain, heart, and genitals.

As women, we experience sexual pleasure with both our physical body AND our emotional self. Our orgasms are both physical AND psychological. Our sexual satisfaction depends not only on having pleasure… but participating in it.

Which means a program that helps you have good sex will help you overcome the barriers surrounding all the aspects of sex:

1 Physical

Understanding the anatomy and process of sex and pleasure in a way that’s accessible, non-judgemental, and comprehensive… so you FINALLY get all the answers to the questions you’ve been quietly asking yourself for years…

2 Emotional

Including how our bodies carry trauma with us long after it’s inflicted… including the wounds caused by stumbling through life and love without understanding how your complex sexuality works…

3 Psychological

So you can understand how the stories you’ve been given (through your experiences and what you’ve been taught) affect the attitudes you have toward it…

4 Mental

Because knowing more about yourself intellectually translates to feeling better about yourself physically… which can relieve the emotional and psychological burdens and barriers around sex… because knowledge is the power of relief from feeling like you’re just not good enough…

5 Attraction

Because understanding how you choose your sexual partners is essential to your sexual self-esteem (and once you build your self-esteem, you’ll be more equipped to choose your partners in a new and healthier way)…

With The Goddess of Pleasure, you’ll finally have the resource you need to not only understand your body… but to change the way you feel living in it.

Goddess of Pleasure Is The Ultimate Self-Care Program

This is not a program designed for the woman who wants to be the ultimate sex symbol. It’s designed for the woman who is ready to make the decision that she’s worth more than she’s had up until this point.

It’s for you…

The one who is ready to let go of the idea that control over your pleasure belongs to your partner… and if you happen to choose someone who doesn’t do or say the right things, you’re destined to a lackluster sex life.

It’s for you…

The one who feels stuck holding onto stories and memories and trauma that keep you from being your most authentic self.

It’s for you…

The one who is finally, FINALLY able to see that good and great sex is not a pipe dream. It’s a reality that you can control.

It’s for you…

If you’re ready to hold yourself and those you’re intimate with to a higher standard. If you’re ready to stop accepting less than you deserve, simply because you haven’t been taught any better.

It’s for the younger version of myself - who wanted more than anything to understand my sexuality and connect with the incredible sexual woman that I am… but had to struggle for many years in order to find it.

To some this may just be a class… but to you, it’s the best self-care decision you will make in your life

Because it will give you the kind of life you never imagined you could have.

The kind of life that comes when you’re no longer afraid and unsure about who you are at your core. The kind of life that you create when you’re satisfied and fulfilled in the most intimate way.

So you don’t have to live through any more self doubt, confusion, or fear about your value, attractiveness, or abilities when it comes to sex. So you don’t have to stumble through figuring it out like I did. So you don’t have to struggle.

You Don’t Have To Suffer Anymore

You don’t have to suffer through self-doubt and self-blame.

You don’t have to suffer through sexual experiences where you go through the motions because you just can’t get into it enough to find enjoyment.

You don’t have to suffer through the hurt and shame that the world thrusts upon you because keeping you stuck keeps you searching for answers in cosmetics and clothes and surgery and lotions or potions or lingerie.

Instead, you’ll hold your head high knowing that you CAN and DO deserve pleasure.

You CAN and DO receive pleasure.

You won’t need him to worship you because the knowledge and confidence you’ll have is enough.

How It Works:

Throughout this self-paced, self-study program, I’ll give you not only the physical information you need to have good sex… but I’ll help you overcome the psychological, mental, and emotional barriers, too.

I’ve thoughtfully put together a series of videos, intentionally ordered to walk you through the process of discovering and exploring your own sexuality. From the physical knowledge you need, to the skills that you’ll enjoy practicing… the goal is to help you build your sexual self-esteem and knowledge so you step into the sexual being you are.

Together, we’ll awaken the Goddess of Pleasure in you.

And your life will never be the same.

I’ll show you:

  • How your body remembers your past (even when you don’t) and exactly how it’s affecting your every experience now… because when you understand where obstacles come from, you’re more able to overcome them…
  • The physical introduction you never had to your anatomy - from your vulva to your vagina (and all the little places in between)… INCLUDING what the function of each part of your genitals is for and how it can help you have consistently better sex…
  • A full breakdown of the health benefits of sex and how you can increase those benefits with every single sexual encounter (whether or not you have a partner)…
  • How attraction is both evolutionary and determined by your life experiences so you can choose better partners and hold them to a higher standard…
  • The difference between your sex life and your sexuality… and how one influences the other so drastically that it’s impossible not to connect the two…
  • My must-watch Thrusting Tutorial that will show you how different movements affect the sensations of sex… so you have almost a step-by-step tutorial to heighten your pleasure and direct your partner (or use yourself) to feel good every time…
  • The process of seduction (and why it’s a legitimate need for women) and how to become an active participant in your own seduction… which heightens the entire experience AND allows you to retain control over your sexual satisfaction…
  • The science behind the orgasm so it’s no longer a magical, mystical thing but a process that you can discover and repeat, reliably, every single time… because The Elusive O is a thing of the past…
  • The essential part to your sexual self-care that you might be avoiding - and how you can make sure you’re always healthy, sexually and physically…
  • And much, much more.

By the time you have finished the videos and guides that I’ve prepared for you, you will be empowered to not only understand your body… but begin a journey of exploration that will continue to bring you joy, pleasure and confidence for the rest of your life.

My Risk-Free Promise

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Your Sexual Empowerment Tool

Every woman is built differently. Our bodies are shaped differently, our erogenous zones are more or less sensitive, and what gets our hearts racing and blood pumping is as varied as we are.

So this program is not a “follow me” guide to good sex. It’s an empowerment tool designed to help you overcome the blocks and barriers and fears you have about exploring your own sexuality.

And this program is designed for you whether you’re currently sexually active, with a partner, in a committed relationship…

Because frankly, this program is NOT about your partner. It’s not about how to interact with your partner (other than to direct your partner in your pleasure). It’s not about how to perform specific sex acts that are designed for your partner’s pleasure.

This program is designed for one thing and one thing only…

To help you realize that you are not only deserving but CAPABLE of a highly satisfying sex life as a strong, beautiful sexual woman.

Together, we’ll overcome the FOUR Barriers that are keeping you from sexual satisfaction:

Barrier #1: Knowledge

I’m explaining things in a way that they’ve likely never been explained to you before - in an approachable, easy-to-understand way, I’m going to introduce you to your anatomy in a comprehensive manner. I’ll show you exactly what parts you have, what role they play, and how your entire body is perfectly made to have great sex.

I’ll also give you information on specific aspects of sex and sex acts so you can explore and determine what feels best FOR YOU - because again, every woman is different and experiences pleasure in different ways.

With this information, you will have fun exploring yourself and you and your partner will enjoy exploring you - to find what your best positions are to heighten your sexual experiences.

Barrier #2: Emotional

Our bodies carry trauma in many different ways - some of which we won’t ever realize unless we do the self-development work to find them. But this holds us back from unleashing our inner sexual self - and holds us back from true pleasure and fulfillment.

I’ll walk you through addressing wounds from your past so you can enter the rest of your life freer, more connected and authentic, and more in tune with yourself and what brings you pleasure.

Completely healing emotional wounds is not a short process… but with my help, you can begin moving forward NOW and continue on the journey of self-discovery.

Barrier #3: Psychological

It’s no secret that very few of us are instilled with both a positive attitude and sufficient knowledge about it to simply enjoy it to the fullest from the start of our sexual years. There are a lot of conflicting stories we’re given, taught, and handed about sex.

And these stories can (and do!) have a lasting impact on how we interact with our sexuality and our sex lives.

Whether we carry shame, regret, unease, or have a lack of connection at all…

Whether we simply don’t know what we don’t know… and we don’t know where we’re going to learn it… which means we don’t enjoy sex simply because we don’t know how to. We were never taught that sex is great… so we don’t see how incredibly vital it is to the core of who we are.

Unless we can re-write the stories we have around sex and our sexuality… it’ll be nearly impossible to let go and enjoy being a sexual creature.

I’ll help you rewrite your story so you no longer carry the burdens of others in your sexuality.

Barrier #4: Attraction

There are two factors to attraction, both of which make up how we choose our sexual and romantic partners: evolutionary attraction and the attraction taught to you by your life experiences. Both serve a purpose, but ultimately it’s up to YOU what role that purpose plays in your choices.

When you have a handle on why you’re attracted to someone, it gives you the opportunity to determine whether that attraction serves you or doesn’t serve you - which means you’ll be more discerning in who you choose as a sexual or romantic partner.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically become picky: it means you’ll discover your worth and begin to act accordingly.

You could step away now and decide that whatever quality sex life you have… it’s good enough.

But if you’re not taking charge of your pleasure… if you’re leaving it to chance - or worse, if you’ve resigned yourself to never feeling true, deep sexual satisfaction…

Then it’s time to decide that you’re worth the investment. It’s time to decide that YOU are worth the effort.

It’s time to decide that sex can - and should! - be fun, exciting, and something you look forward to. That having better sex will make you a happier person, and will make life better for you.

And to help make your decision a bit easier, I’m also including a special bonus:

1 FREE Month In The Transformational Interview Series

Free Bonuses and Surprises

Because having great sex and maintaining a healthy relationship require two different sets of skills.

Our gift to you: a free month of our Transformational Interview Series, where you’ll learn skills and strategies to radically improve all your relationships.

And while The Goddess of Pleasure is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to grow your sexual self-esteem… great sex with someone you LOVE is pretty darn great, too.

With this series, you’ll meet a new expert every month, sharing powerful skills and breakthroughs on relationship topics that matter— Resolving conflict, setting boundaries, increasing intimacy, practicing genuine self-love… and much more.

In addition to monthly eye-opening interviews, we’ve got loads of surprises and bonus content to sweeten the deal (including these three gems in your first free month!)

If you love the program, do nothing. Every month you’ll receive another empowering interview for $19.97/mo. If you don’t want to receive any more interviews or bonus surprises, simply cancel (don’t worry – it’s super easy to do). You won’t pay a thing, and you’ll keep all the free interviews and bonuses, too.

I’m Also Including My 7-Day Unlimited Trial Guarantee:

Place your order and watch The Goddess of Pleasure in a matter of minutes. Take a full 7 days to examine the program and the guidebook. Try a few of the things that I show you, and see if you feel more connected with yourself. See if it feels good.

If, at the end of the 7 days, you decide this program isn’t going to help you step into your sexuality and remove the barriers to great sex that I’ve told you about, simply let me know and I’ll refund your investment in FULL, no questions, no hassle.

This is my promise: You’ll find outstanding value from this program after putting it into practice for a full week or pay nothing!

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No Matter What, YOU Are Worthy Of Great Sex

I believe in the power of this program to change lives. And if you’ve read this far thinking that it’s “just a class” and you’re not sure it’s for you… I understand (even if I respectfully disagree - because how can great sex NOT be for everyone?!)

But if you’ve read this far and you’re hesitating because you think that there’s no way you can be called a Goddess of anything…
Mature Couple Kissing Good Morning
I see you.
I was you.

I’ve worked with thousands of variations of women who felt like you throughout the years.

Women who didn’t know what felt good because nobody had ever encouraged them to take the time to find out.

Women who have pulled away from their partners because they simply didn’t know how to make it feel good.

Women who desperately wanted a good sex life but cried alone because they couldn’t get past their own body issues.

Women who simply went through the motions.

Women who didn’t even bother.

Women who didn’t know how to connect with themselves and exhausted themselves living an inauthentic life because they just didn’t know another way.

Women who didn’t know how to have good sex so they thought that sex wasn’t as powerful or as great as they’d been led to believe.

If you think you’re not a Goddess of Pleasure… you’re wrong.
You already are, and you just don’t know it yet.

You have it in you. The confidence to know what you want and hold everyone in your life to a higher standard.

To expect to be treated the way you deserve to be treated - with respect and reverence because you are amazing. Just the way you are.

If you’ve read this far and you think - even for just a second - that your life could be better because of this program…

That your day can be happier, more relaxed… that you can be more playful and joyful… that your love affair or relationship can be filled with laughter and play.

That sex can and will bring you joy in every area of your life… IF you know how to find the pleasure in it…

Then I’ve done my job and I am grateful for you.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


Felice Dunas

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