Here’s the Secret to the Soul-Satisfying, Enlivening Love of Your Dreams

The Dating Approach That Ends the Cycle of Heartbreak and Creates Lasting, Authentic Love
Find Real Love, Discover Your Greatest Inner Gifts, and Free Your Authentic Self

Have you been yearning your entire life for a soul-satisfying, enlivening love?

A relationship in which you feel safe, treasured and cherished?

With a person who is steady and unwavering in their love for you, even in those tenuous moments when you’re exposing your innermost secrets?

It’s the kind of relationship in which you don’t even hesitate to allow this person to see every tender and fragile part of you and know in your heart that they won’t ever use it against you.

Ken Page

Psychotherapist, author, podcaster, and leading voice on cultivating healthy intimacy

They won’t pretend to accept you while holding back their judgement. Instead, you’ll know when you look in their eyes that they are moved by and drawn to the real you.

A relationship where you no longer have to wilt, shrink, pull back, or retreat for fear of making this person withdraw or get distant.

You don’t have to pretend to be stronger than you are.

You don’t have to pretend not to care or harden your heart for fear they’ll someday abandon you.

You don’t have to rehearse what to say or hold back your excitement or your trepidation.

This person sees and celebrates everything about you—even those parts you’ve kept tucked away and hidden from everyone else, because you worried you’d be “too much.”

In the bright light of their acceptance, you blossom and flourish.

It’s a relationship in which you feel safe to finally “exhale”…soften your belly, lower your guard, and just love.

To love as much and as big as you want!

And know that you’re loved just as much in return.

It’s a relationship where there are no games

No “settling”…

No manipulations or contortions for the purposes of sparking “attraction”…

No pretending to be someone you’re not.

No holding back to protect your heart from disappointment and hurt.

Just you being authentically, unabashedly, unapologetically YOU.

Doesn’t that sound absolutely incredible?

So let me ask you now:

Why is this the kind of relationship so many of us dream about but so few of us actually experience?

The answer?

Because we focus on the wrong things when we meet and date someone, and then end up falling for the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

Allow me to explain…

We Make the Mistake of Thinking That We Have to Be Different Than Who We Are In Order to Be Loved and Accepted

Many of us date hoping to find someone with whom we’ll feel “chemistry” and attraction.

And then when we DO find that person, we focus on the ways we need to change ourselves for that person, so they’ll love us.

Or we think that if we could do a better job hiding the parts of us that made us feel different, odd, or undesirable, that person will realize what a great match we are for them.

We unconsciously go about denying who we really are in order to find love.

We contort or suppress our authenticity in an effort to “get” this person to want us and desire us.

  • We worry about whether to call or not, or how soon after a date.
  • We attempt to inspire attraction by pretending to be aloof, more “cool” or more masculine or feminine than we are.
  • We follow scripts, tricks and gimmicks to cloak our anxieties and insecurities.
  • We don’t tell the truth about what we really want or how we really feel because we don’t want to accidentally turn this person off.
  • We go along with things we’re not into in order to seem more easy-going and pleasant.

But all of this is a cruel form of self-punishment, because the minute you start asking yourself, “How do I make myself attractive to this person?” you’re also asking:

What’s wrong with me?

How am I not enough?

What are my undesirable qualities?

How did I not flirt the right way?

What’s the secret thing I need to do or stop doing to make this person want me?

What these questions do is lower your self-esteem and make you less discerning of the person you’re dating.

You’re so focused on getting them to like you, that you lose sight of whether or not this person is kind and available and really interested in YOU.

And this is why, in the end, none of these strategies get us what we really want, which is love and acceptance from the kind of person who can make us happy.

That’s why you need re-steer your dating life toward an approach that heals you, and empowers you, and leads you more directly to love.

Without the games, attraction techniques, subtle manipulations or people-pleasing.

You need an approach that celebrates ALL of who you are, so that you can draw in the person who will accept and love YOU, not a facsimile or distortion of you.

It’s an approach that I’ve developed that’s helped thousands of people find the kind of soul-satisfying, enlivening love they’ve always dreamed of.

The Parts of Ourselves We Are Most Afraid To Reveal Are The Very Qualities That Will Make Us Irresistible to the Right Person

The real search for love isn’t about becoming more attractive. Or knowing certain “tips and tricks” about how to get the person you want to want you.

Letting Your Beautiful Authentic Self Show

It’s about embracing the magic of our authenticity. And then sharing it with bravery, generosity—and fierce discernment.

In my private practice, I observed that my single clients were hiding the parts of themselves they were ashamed of, or trying to reshape who they were in order to be loved.

They were putting themselves through an emotional wringer with people who were unavailable, simply because they were their “type”. They kept going back, getting hurt, and going back again. They thought that if only they could get this person to want them, by constantly adjusting their personality or behavior, they’d experience romantic bliss. Instead, they’d get stuck in this almost-but-not-quite love limbo for months or even years.

They were getting into relationships with people who weren’t good for them, and then making excuses about why their unkindness or critical nature wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

They were trying every trick they could to make this person more attracted to them, when it was painfully obvious that this person wasn’t really into them the same way.

They tried hard to alter who they were in order to be loved: to be less vulnerable, to seem more feminine, to radiate an easy-going nature they didn’t feel, or to pretend to like things they didn’t like.

All the while, I realized something about my clients.

There was nothing at all wrong with the aspects of themselves they were trying so hard to hide or change. In fact, these aspects they were shy about were amazingly beautiful.

So beautiful, in fact, that all they needed to do was let their authenticity lead the way and they would draw to themselves the exact right person. Someone who would love and accept them and be attracted to the very qualities they deemed “less-than”.

They’d be adored for their sensitive nature.

They’d be appreciated for their quirky sense of humor.

They’d be respected for their fierceness.

They’d be cherished for their softness and vulnerability.

This lit an ember in me.

THIS was why they hadn’t found real love or healthy relationships. This was why they were so confounded by dating.

It’s because they had been focusing on the wrong things in order to get love.

That’s when I realized the secret to helping my clients find the kind of soul-satisfying, enlivening relationship they deserved was guiding them to accept their gifts, insecurities, and aspects of themselves they deemed “unattractive” or flawed in some way.

That was how they would attract a partner who would also accept these gifts in them.

Attract Your Greatest Love And Set Your Soul Free

A comprehensive, 6+ hour audio course to find authentic love

4 micro meditations to help you identify your core gifts and develop healthy attractions

A robust 104 page workbook and two more free bonuses!

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Learn to Recognize and Accept the Most Beautiful, Precious and Sensitive Parts of You — And Open the Door to True Love

It took me years to piece this all together into a theoretical framework and a “process” that I could replicate and teach to others effectively.

But I did it! And this process has helped thousands of singles… leading them to their life’s greatest love.

And now I’ve updated this process with my most recent insights and am making it available in my program, Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path to Authentic Love.

This program will help you discover your authenticity, with all the beauty that’s hidden there, so you can open the doorway to that soul-satisfying, true love.

Happy Smiling Couple

It will be a revelation to see that you’ve been focusing on the wrong things when it comes to dating, and minimizing your most beautiful qualities—qualities that can actually help you naturally and effortlessly attract the right person for the right reasons.

You’ll learn tools that help dissolve and work past long-standing fears of revealing your authentic self, and find out the deeper truth of those fears. The more you learn to love those parts of yourself which you previously pushed down, the less scary (and the more beautiful) they become to you.

Next, you’ll learn how to honor and then lead with your authenticity, when you’re dating or meeting other singles, so that you naturally attract people who are more likely to appreciate and be drawn to who you really are.

And it’s not just about who you attract. You’ll start to see that your attraction to others will change. You’ll lose your taste for unhealthy relationships and you’ll be more intrigued by partners who have the emotional capacity to truly love you and commit to you.

You’ll learn how to tell the difference between attractions that lead to love and attractions that lead to pain. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to recognize a healthy relationship from the start.

You’ll learn about the Wave of Distancing: the single biggest saboteur of healthy, new love. This is when your soul knows you’re with someone who has the capacity to make you happy, but your heart is still trying to protect you, so you begin to mysteriously doubt your attraction to someone in “waves” that come and go.

I’ll explain why this happens and what you should do about it, so that you aren’t fleeing relationships that are good for you the way you may have in the past.

While you can’t force your sexual attraction, you’ll learn how to nurture and cultivate that spark of attraction you feel for the right person.

Yes, you can have a sweet and sustainable love that’s also wild, passionate and sexy.

Happy Couple Nose to Nose

This is especially important if you have a history of getting hooked on high-chemistry connections with unavailable people. Or if you avoid giving your heart to available people who love you for who you are.

Most dating approaches only teach us how to strengthen our defenses and armor. This program teaches you a way to honor the tender, authentic you underneath the armor while still being strong and discerning.

When you go through the Deeper Dating program:

  • You’ll dramatically increase your chances of finding love
  • You’ll attract people who value and desire you for who you are
  • You’ll no longer fear rejection like you did before
  • You’ll feel more relaxed
  • You won’t hide, diminish, or deny who you are
  • You’ll lose your taste for wrong partners or unhealthy relationships
  • You’ll understand why past relationships didn’t work
  • You’ll have a sense of connection to your life mission
  • You’ll heal your lifelong attachment wounds by dating this new way
  • You’ll discover your sexual and romantic Core Gifts and that will change your life.

The process you’ll learn in Deeper Dating is the quickest and easiest way to true, lasting, healthy love because you will no longer waste time in unhealthy relationships or attract unavailable partners.

You’ll go right to the heart of who you really are, and lead with your gifts instead of with your fears and insecurities.

I can’t wait to guide you on this most important journey of your adult life—the journey to intimacy and the search for true love.

When you watch this program, you’ll feel as if I’m guiding you personally, step-by-step, through this powerful process. You will feel my caring and warmth, and the quality of the healing that comes across in my words.

There’s a deep sense of personal connection and safety that comes across in this program, and a contagious excitement I have for this work that will be like wind at your back.

I can’t wait for you to experience it!

In Deeper Dating, you’ll learn all the tools and insights you need to create a healthy, authentic, lifelong love:

A 6+ hour audio with 10 modules that take you through the Deeper Dating process, step-by-step, complete with reflection exercises and other methods that will help you uncover and honor your authenticity, as well as practical dating advice for cultivating healthy attractions.

4 (audio) micro-meditations related to finding your Core Gifts and developing healthier attractions.

A 104-page workbook.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What Else You’ll Discover Through This Unique, Life-Changing Process:

  • The 8 signs that you’re living from your Gift Zone, so you can appreciate yourself and your Core Gifts, and become magnetic to the person who will make you happy (and appreciate you, too!)
  • How your deepest insecurities hold the key to discovering your greatest gifts when it comes to love
  • How to increase your level of discernment against the people who can never make you happy or love you the way you want to be loved—and do it early on when you meet someone, before you get too involved and attached
  • The most powerful question you can ask yourself when you’re dating someone that will save you countless days or months of pain. Ask yourself this, and it will quickly reveal if the person is right for you
  • 2 questions that can help you understand your entire intimacy journey, or the parts of your life that have been bewildering, in a whole new way
  • The hidden reason why you’re drawn to a person who runs hot and cold, and how to use this insight to inform your search for true love
  • 8 red flags that indicate you’re in an unhealthy relationship
  • Waves of Distancing: A common phenomenon whereby you suddenly start to feel critical and turned off by a new romantic partner, even if they haven’t changed. What this means and what you should do about it
Happy Couple Embracing Outdoors
  • Attraction of Deprivation: A kind of attraction you feel for someone who will never be able to love you the way you deserve to be loved, or make you happy. Learn the signs that you’re in an Attraction of Deprivation and what to do about it
  • Attraction of Inspiration: The single greatest key to a life that is happy and rich with love. Learn the tell-tale signs that you’re in this type of relationship, and if so, how to ensure this relationship gets off to a great start
  • Do you date people you know are bad for you, but you can’t help yourself? The key to losing your taste for “bad boys” or “bad girls”, jerks, narcissists, control freaks and emotionally unavailable people
  • What to do if you’re suddenly “bored” with someone you’re physically or sexually attracted to, or someone you know is a kind, decent available person who’s good for you. Is it a sign they’re not the right fit? What does this mean and what should you do?
  • When to have sex with someone you’re dating, and why timing sex is especially important if you’re prone to falling in love with the wrong people (people who aren’t emotionally available to commit to you)
  • How to shift your routine in order to notice the people around you, increasing the chances you’ll make conversation and meet someone great
  • The truth about sexual attraction that no one teaches us, and how this truth can change your entire experience of dating and falling in love
  • How to create sex that truly excites you, touches your heart, and makes you feel safe and cherished as well as wild and playful
  • The most important strategy for online dating that will help you honor your Core Gifts while avoiding the superficial traps of online dating culture
  • What to avoid doing on the first few dates in order to make the soundest, wisest decisions possible about whether or not to keep seeing the person you’ve just met
  • Should you play hard to get or should you be truthful about your enthusiasm about someone? The research-backed truth behind this age old dilemma!
  • What to expect as a result of honoring your Core Gifts, and how your life may change (and why you need to be prepared when this common phase begins, so you don’t get discouraged or go back to your old, destructive patterns)
  • B.I.R.T.H. – a 5-steps guideline that you can do when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated about dating. Each of these steps will renew your enthusiasm, give you new and fresh insights, bring back your sense of hope, and move you closer to the love you dream of
  • And much more…

What You’ll Discover In the Program:

Module 1

Module 1

Your Map to Finding Love

  • What the Gift Zone is, and how to discover your most powerful intimacy gifts.
  • Warning signs that you’re becoming disconnected from your Gift Zone, and how to reverse that trend
  • The one question to ask yourself that can save you countless hours of pain in your love life.
  • A 3-step formula for dealing with your insecurities.
  • The biggest reason you’re attracted to people who can’t love you the way you want to be loved, and what you need to do to attract healthier relationships.
Module 2

Module 2

How to Discover Your Core Gifts, Your Great Key to Finding Love

  • The questions to ask yourself that will uncover what your Core Gifts are.
  • Why your personality “problems” or aspects of yourself you previously considered a curse may be the key to finding love.
  • An exercise to help you uncover your Core Gifts by evaluating your past painful experiences in relationships.
Module 3

Module 3

How to Love Yourself First

  • What a 75-year study reveals is the single most important trait that determines happiness in life, and how to cultivate that trait in your own life.
  • Coping styles that push people and love away, and how to know if you’re using these copying styles to unconsciously push away great partners.
  • Exercises to help you honor your Core Gifts, and to lose your taste for people who chip away at your sense of self-worth.
  • What it means if there’s a part of your personality you’re timid to reveal to the people you date, and how to honor this hidden part of you in order to create a profound connection with a person.
  • An activity you can do with your friends and family to help each of you uncover your Core Gifts.
Module 4

Module 4

How to Tell Which Attractions Lead to Love and Which Lead to Pain

  • 3 insights about attraction that everyone should know.
  • Why conventional dating advice misses the mark entirely when it comes to showing you the way to great love.
  • What two qualities are that both men and women say attracts them more than anything else.
  • How to identify the right kind of attractions to allow into your life, especially if you feel you keep ending up in toxic, or unloving relationships.
Module 5

Module 5

Understanding and Transforming Your Patterns of Attraction

  • How and why your romantic and sexual attractions are deeply linked to your Core Gifts, and why you keep being drawn to the same types of personalities.
  • 3 ways to know that you have trauma around your Core Gifts, and what that means about your dating life.
  • The 5 steps to understanding your Attractions of Deprivation, or your proclivity to fall for people who can’t love you back the way you need.
  • An exercise that will help you truly understand how wonderful it would feel to be with someone who treasures the real you.
Module 6

Module 6

How and Where to Look for Love

  • The 3 top places for meeting quality single people - and how to maximize your success when you’re there.
  • How to use the concepts of Deeper Dating to transform your online dating experience.
  • When to first have sex with someone you’re dating, and why following this advice can increase the chances of finding a partner who’s right for you.
Module 7

Module 7

The Skills of Deeper Dating

  • What to expect when you start to date in this more authentic way, and how to get past stuck points.
  • The 3 phases of deeper dating, and how to know that you’re on the right track, even when nothing seems to be happening in your love life.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts about first meetings or dates.
Module 8

Module 8

Surviving and Thriving in the Middle Phase of Your Journey

  • A progress checklist that will help you determine if you’re incorporating the lessons of Deeper Dating into your life, and where you need to place your focus if you’re still struggling.
  • Discover how to stop letting your intimacy fears and old, unhelpful patterns get in the way of finding true love.
Module 9

Module 9

The Truths About Sexual Attraction No One Teaches Us

  • The truth about the nature of sexual attraction, and what compels us to desire someone even if they’re not kind to us.
  • 4 techniques to develop deeper attraction and passion for someone you know honors your Core Gifts and would be a good partner for you.
  • Strategies to recognize and overcome Waves of Distancing—which can sabotage your love life for decades, if you’re not aware they’re happening.
  • 3 questions that will help you identify your sexual and romantic Core Gifts.
Module 10

Module 10

The Closing and Cultivating Lasting Love

  • How to incorporate everything you’ve learned in this course into your daily life.
  • A powerful “Inner Mentor” process that will serve as a guidepost for you at some point in the near future.

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Attract Your Greatest Love And Set Your Soul Free

A comprehensive, 6+ hour audio course to find authentic love

4 micro meditations to help you identify your core gifts and develop healthy attractions

A robust 104 page workbook and two more free bonuses!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Discover the Truest Path to Real Love and Heal Your Entire Life

Discovering what makes you unique and then learning to honor and embrace your authenticity in order to find love is one of the greatest, most important journeys of your entire life.

It can lead to an absolute and stunning shift in the people you’re attracting, and the people you’re attracted to.

It’s a path to a future of love that matches your dreams of what love can be like.

And it’s one of the great privileges of my life to share what I’ve learned about this path.

This work moves me to a state of awe, as again and again, I see that this truest path to love—the path of authenticity—heals our lives at the same time it leads us to the kind of love we dream of.

It heals us because our deepest wounds frequently spring from our greatest gifts, and by acknowledging these gifts, we can speed and deepen our own healing.

This is one of the most powerful paths to love there is. But it’s more than that—it’s a path to the very source of love inside you. This is why it’s so powerful and works so well. It’s a path to your own greatness and potential in all parts of your life!

Young Couple Smiling

It’s the place where we feel the beating heart of our humanity. When we learn to lead with our gifts instead of hiding them, we become the people that we were always meant to be.

I wish I could be there to personally witness what happens when YOU learn these lessons of deeper dating: When you choose self-love over self-doubt, when you embrace your precious gifts instead of hiding behind your insecurities.

I wish I could watch you when you stretch your boundaries and find love moving closer.

Or witness the moment when you walk away from unkind, unavailable people, and see the look on your face when you share your vulnerable self with someone and it’s met with joy and appreciation.

I wish I could see all of the moments where you choose this wiser path to love and then the glow on your face as you do that, and the shift in your world as you do that.

Your honoring and appreciation of your authenticity transports you to the place you love from, it is the place you’re inspired from, and it’s the place you discriminate from.

All of these are tremendous gifts in your search for love. It’s the place where magic is.

It’s home.


Ken Page

Attract Your Greatest Love And Set Your Soul Free

A comprehensive, 6+ hour audio course to find authentic love

4 micro meditations to help you identify your core gifts and develop healthy attractions

A robust 104 page workbook and two more free bonuses!

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Only $139.97 (best value!)
or 4 payments of $34.99