Flourish’s Commitment To Racial Equality

What have we done to support racial equality?

This is the question we asked ourselves in recent weeks.

Have we been actively doing enough to support ending systemic racism? After reflection, the answer is no.

We are a brand that is about empowerment and self-improvement, and that empowerment and self-improvement starts with our actions, our decisions and our awareness.

So instead of writing you a heartfelt letter that assures you we stand with Black Lives Matter (we do!), and that we are horrified by the daily violence inflicted on Black communities (we are!), and that we agree the system is unfair, that people in power may abuse it, and that a good portion of society does not have equal opportunity to flourish…

Instead of saying all that, we want to say this: we have to change, too.

We need to take a hard look at our actions, our unconscious bias, and our decisions in business and in life, so we can be the people and the business we want to be: one that supports equality, opportunity and fairness for all.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to make a commitment to you:

We promise to educate ourselves, and root out any action or decision that may promote racism, inequality, or injustice.

To start, we are going to make sure the imagery on our site is more inclusive. We want Flourish to be a home for all our readers, and we want you all to see yourself on our pages, in our programs, and in our expert community.

We will seek out more diverse expert voices, so more perspectives can be shared and more problems can be addressed.

We will curate some free resources on this topic, so we can elevate ideas and thinkers that challenge us, and help us evolve as individuals and as a society.

We will push ourselves to change. To shine a light on our own areas of blindness. To grow into a better version of ourselves.

We believe there is momentum building, and that meaningful change is possible. We want to contribute to that change, and help momentum grow. We ask you to join us.

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